These Things Will Make the Planet Greener

Every individual should be aware of the threats climate change brings and should practice these things that will make the planet greener.

Different countries are making efforts to slow down climate change and prevent the temperature from rising to 2℃. Every individual should be aware of the threats it brings and should practice things that will make the planet greener. The following ways, when combined, will surely form a big leap towards achieving a sustainable future.


Ride-sharing, aside from using public transport, will make the planet greener as it decreases the necessity for you to bring your own car. Vehicles are one of the leading sources of pollutants. Reducing traffic does not only entail convenience but is also a big solution to lessen carbon emission. In some countries, sharing a ride with a stranger, even without the process of booking, has been a habit. However, this culture is quite unsafe that’s why ride-sharing apps like Uber and Grab are being used to monitor the driver-passenger activity.

Buying local

Plastics in the ocean continue to increase day by day. That is due to the patronization of consumers to products packed in plastic bags and containers. The retail culture is also one of the culprits. To make the planet greener, people should buy local products often as these things come straight from the farm and do not need artificial processing and packaging. Buying local also lessens the mobilization of processed products from cities to local communities, thus, cutting fuel consumption needed for transportation. Diminishing the demands of plastic-wrapped products will result in a decrease in plastic usage if turning zero-waste completely is not achievable.

Less energy consumption

Electricity is harnessed through the use of carbon-emitting materials such as fuel and coal that is why saving power is still the most common thing you can do to make the planet greener. This may sound like a cliche advice but moderation with appliance usage has actually a large contribution in keeping the Earth cool. Natural gases and fossil fuels used to supply the energy you consume releases huge amounts of greenhouse gases. The more people use power recklessly, the more it requires to generate electricity from these kinds of sources to supply the demand.

Using water bottles and bamboo straws

Plastic cups and straws are the leading waste materials that get dumped in our oceans, which causes death among sea animals. Learning this, organizations and companies are banning these products inside their buildings or creating rules that prohibit the usage of these materials. To make the planet greener, many individuals are buying their own water tumblers and bamboo straws. Water tumblers or bottles help reduce the usage of plastic and styrofoam cups on a daily basis. Meanwhile, bamboo straws or using no straw at all helps in the eventual banishment of straws. Metal straws, on the other hand, it cannot be considered helpful in promoting a greener future because metal is a product of mining. Also, changing water bottles from time to time will not be helpful as plastic is still its production material.


If you’re going to purchase dry goods, make sure that you bring with you an eco-friendly bag so that you will not have to use plastics in carrying your items. It minimizes the usage of disposable bags that you can use for a single time only. Making this a habit will make the planet greener as it decreases the need to use plastics for every purchase made.


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These Things Will Make the Planet Greener

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