World’s 40 Biggest Mining Companies

Listed in PwC’s report called Mine 2015 showed the biggest mining companies in 2015.

The Biggest Mining Companies

Listed in PwC’s report called Mine 2015 showed the largest mining companies in 2015. Not only that, the report also presented devastating statistics about the mining industry.

Mine 2015 indicated that the top companies suffered their first collective net loss in history which accounts to $27 billion; a decline in collective market capitalization of 37%; the lowest return on capital ever; asset impairment totalling $53 billion; record high leverage of 46%, and operating expenditure cuts of $83 billion.

Source: Giphy 

The top 40 list is composed of re-entries, that moved up and down, and new entrants. The market capitalization threshold of the companies remained consistent at $4.5 despite the said declining statistics.

Twelve Chinese companies are on the list and six are from Canada. Two notable companies that fell off the list are Canada’s First Quantum and Teck Resources.

It’s not entirely bad news though, as there is a sector that had an increase in market value, which was the rare earths with the world’s top producer of the 17 elements jumping 23 places in the ranking.

Here are the top 40 biggest mining companies as of 2015:

Source: PwC Mine 2015

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World’s 40 Biggest Mining Companies

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