10 Things My Awesome Engineering Boss Does Everyday

What makes an awesome engineering boss?

My awesome engineering boss (Source: Trendelier)

Imagine the BEST engineering boss you’ve ever had.

It may be someone from years ago,or maybe you’re in good hands right now and we’re talking about your current boss, or maybe you don’t have a boss.

Regardless of who your boss is, I can be sure of what he/ she is like. That’s because all highly respected bosses have a lot of things in common. Here are some of the things they commonly do everyday.

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#1. They share their vision.

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A great leader will share is vision so that his team will understand and have a similar goal in mind. They make their team feel more welcome and part of a true TEAM.


#2. They develop expertise.

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Nothing is more annoying at work than a boss who doesn’t understand the status quo at work. Awesome bosses do their best to learn the job. They don’t have to be the number one expert, but they have to be competent.


#3. They respect people’s time.

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Good Bosses don’t like to waste people time with boring unproductive meetings, and making others wait. They cut the unnecessary crap.


#4. They set priorities.

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A smart boss knows how to prioritize. Lacking focus could cause the team to fail, so he makes sure to guide his team to focus on what’s important.


#5. They share information.

My awesome engineering boss (Source: Hardman Projects)

There are bosses who keep most information from their team. Why? Because they are scared that if their team had all the information, they might not be able to lead. A good boss will share information with his team, and will control the proper timing of sharing it with them.

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#6. They make decisions.

My awesome engineering boss (Source: Memecrunch)

Decisiveness. Need I say more?


#7. They offer praise and correct mistakes

My awesome engineering boss (Source: Giphy)

Employees want to know how well they’re doing. Good bosses lets them know. Good bosses also makes sure that their employees are informed of their mistakes and guides them so that they learn from them and won’t repeat the same mistake.


#8. They demonstrate empathy.

My awesome engineering boss (Source: Giphy)

Great bosses puts their feet in their team’s shoes. They have concern and understanding on their team members.


#9. They offer thanks.

My awesome engineering boss (Source: Giphy)

Great bosses show gratitude.


#10. They pull everyone together.

They know the meaning of team effort and working together. A great leader strives to lead his team efficiently and effectively.

My awesome engineering boss (Source: Home Free)

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10 Things My Awesome Engineering Boss Does Everyday

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