9 Lies Engineers Tell Themselves Everyday

Lies, lies, all lies!

Lies, lies… here are lies engineers tell themselves that keep them away from success.

More often than not, engineers will always find the easier route towards success. This ultimately forms a mindset that doesn’t involve any hardwork or perseverance, because indeed, why would anyone want to go through the harder route when there’s an easier one?

Along the process, engineers make excuses and tell themselves a bunch of lies that disable them to tread the path of challenges – those involving blood, sweat and tears. What they do not realize is that they will really not get the success they want if they keep saying such things, like the ones below:

“I can’t fail.”

9 Lies Engineers Tell Themselves (Source: Tumblr)

It is still a common idea that one must never fail because it is the complete opposite of success. Wrong. Perhaps part of the formula of success is having to fail a couple of times on the way, because it is where the learning experiences are best valued. All the best and most successful engineers, at one point of their lives, have failed miserably.

“I just need a lucky break.”

9 Lies Engineers Tell Themselves (Source: Imgur)

The odds of an engineer getting that lucky break are just the same as winning the lottery. Success cannot be achieved in an instant. It has be worked on with much determination and a clearer vision to succeed. One needs to work his way to the top and not just depend on a lucky break.

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“I’m not courageous enough.”

9 Lies Engineers Tell Themselves (Source: Giphy)

This is the problem of unmotivated engineers who want success just to be handed to them. They no longer find the courage to work hard, so they resort to avoiding the tasks at hand. But it takes that one leap of faith to be able to start the way to success.

“I must do this on my own.”

9 Lies Engineers Tell Themselves (Source: Tumblr)

Nope. It will need collaboration with other engineers that you can only achieve success. You have to learn how to surround yourself with people who are better than you are so you could be trained how to become like them, maybe even better. Or be around people who you can delegate the work with. You can’t do it all by yourself, engineer.

“I’m just waiting for the right moment.”

9 Lies Engineers Tell Themselves (Source: Giphy)

There will never be the right moment. This is just an excuse to delay your success. Procrastination should never be a habit of engineers who want to get success the soonest possible.

“I’m not intelligent enough.”

9 Lies Engineers Tell Themselves (Source: Imgur)

Statistics have this to say: successful people have 75% accounted for their ability to network, their optimism, and their emotional intelligence, and only 25% for IQ. Before you keep telling this lie to yourself, do realize that your common sense and social interaction will go a long way than that guy who has an MBA but doesn’t know how to use it.

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“I don’t have the personality to succeed.”

9 Lies Engineers Tell Themselves (Source: Gurl)

Who said that an introvert cannot succeed? Who said that extroverts are guaranteed with success? Success is not dependent on personality, but on your self-esteem.

“I don’t have enough money.”

9 Lies Engineers Tell Themselves (Source: Tumblr)

While this may play a great factor at the start, an engineer can have alternate routes in succeeding by planning and setting goals and objectives. Stop blaming the lack of funding and think of the other factors on your way to the top.

“I will continue with what currently is working.”

9 Lies Engineers Tell Themselves (Source: Giphy)

That’s not always the case, engineer. The world is evolving and if you can’t recognize that, you might led to career stagnation. Explore other options that may be better than what you are currently working on. Be a dynamic engineer and do not get stuck in a rut.

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9 Lies Engineers Tell Themselves Everyday

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