Does Apple Really Hire the Worst Engineers of Tesla?

Elon Musk implies that the engineers of Apple are rejected engineers of Tesla.

Worst Engineers of Tesla is Apple’s treasure?

Worst Engineers of Tesla is Apple’s treasure? (Source: ThinkProgress)

The tug of war between Tesla and Apple has reached a whole new level. Few months back, Elon Musk went to the extent of making the scornful remark that Apple hires all the engineers that had been fired by Tesla.

The hateful statement of Elon Musk says that they refer to Apple as the ‘Tesla Graveyard’ and in case anybody is incapable of making it to Tesla, they can always expect to be employed by Apple. What’s even more demeaning is a former employee of Tesla joins in the battle of the two companies and says that these two popular companies is involving themselves in useless banter.

Worst Engineers of Tesla is Apple’s treasure? (Source: Giphy)

Victoria Danahy, who has allegedly worked full time for Tesla in college, says that that Apple approached her with a job offer and promised to offer a lucrative position in the company. She also mentioned that the reason that she turned down the offer was related to Tesla’s mission statement. According to that statement, the company plans to “accelerate the advent of sustainable transport,” which makes the employees feel eternally committed to them. The work policy of Tesla is very tough; the workers are expected to work with utmost speed and also work for long and tiring hours. You might ask then, why do engineers still join? That is because of their grand mission statement.

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Worst Engineers of Tesla is Apple’s treasure? (Source: Giphy)

To nullify the effect of the statement of Elon Musk, Danahy says that the statement of Apple being the Tesla graveyard was made because he is of the opinion that if anyone leaves the Tesla team for a lucrative pay, they surely should not ever have been a part of the team. According to them, the employees of Tesla are not mesmerized by the car that they developed or status of the company but with the meaning that its mission carries.

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Does Apple Really Hire the Worst Engineers of Tesla?

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