Engineer, It’s Time to Quit Your Job

If you're looking for a sign to finally resign, this might be it. Check the reasons to validate your decision before you quit that engineering job.

Engineer: Sign that resignation letter

People often think that quitting is always a sign of weakness. Engineers who file resignation letters are judged to have no brighter future ahead of them because of the giving up attitude. That doesn’t always hold true to all situations. Sometimes, quitting or letting go of the job is the best thing to do for an engineer to forward his career, get a fatter paycheck, or stay away from a toxic workplace. Yup, time to quit your job!!!

So why should you leave? What are the valid reasons to leave it all behind?

Work stress is detrimental to your health. When the engineering work is already taking its toll on your mental and physical well-being, to the point that it already affects your normal body functions, it is a considerable option to quit.

You’d hate to have the job of your boss.  Of course you’ve seen your boss work in his office, or roaming around the site like he is supposed to. If his or her activities do not excite you in the future, might as well leave. You might be in the wrong job or the wrong field.

Source: Tumblr (time to quit your job)

Your boss is a bully. There’s nothing you can’t do if you have a superior who doesn’t know how to use his power for the ultimate good. There will always be managers who will bully you to no end and the odds are that they cannot change for you. Resign, and let them see what the company has lost.

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You have a game plan. Some engineers prefer to quit to take some long-term rest, i.e. unemployment for a while, or if there’s another job waiting for you that will work in your best favors. And that is okay.

Source: Her (time to quit your job)

The pay just won’t do it. Engineers are supposed to be one of the highest-paid professionals there are because of the nature of work. If you think you don’t get paid enough for your valuable service as an engineer, consider a different company that can negotiate with you a higher salary.

Personal life is changing. It might be that you are already moving with a family somewhere else, maybe out of the country, or going back to school for a post-graduate degree. That counts as a reason to quit which has nothing to do with the kind of work you have. It’s just about setting priorities.

Source: CFI (time to quit your job)

Some work problems just don’t have a solution. You’ve been locked in way too many situations that your being an engineer is no longer working in the company. The problems have become a dead end so you will have to deal with it forever. That’s a major red flag and a sign for you to leave.

Your job is in jeopardy. Two possible scenarios: you might be part of the layoffs, or you might get fired for reasons you are well aware of. Be quick and wise enough to judge that you are an engineer with value.

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Engineer, It’s Time to Quit Your Job

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