Engineering Managers Must Do This To Avoid Work Overload

Start looking at the bigger picture and start delegating.

Engineering manager work overload

You’re in the middle of the work week and you see that your work desk is full of documents that need to be finished within the day. You try to fit in everything into your busy schedule, but no matter what you do, you just can’t make it work out. You begin to panic, and your stress level exponentially rises. Before this even happens, it’s important to understand that obsessively trying to schedule everything and doing everything on your own is counterproductive and stressful. Start looking at the bigger picture and start delegating to avoid work overload.

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If you have matters that can be outsourced instead of doing it yourself, then have it outsourced. For example, your schedule for the day goes this way: work, grocery shopping, send mail to the post office, clean your apartment, cook, go to bed. Instead of doing all these yourself, save yourself a few hours by hiring cleaning services to clean your home.

Make Use of Technology

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Be updated with the latest technology and apps to help you get your work done easier. New tech was created so busy people like you can work more efficiently. For example, make use of a database app to check on important company files instead of spending hours checking out their hardcopies on the shelves.

Share Your Knowledge

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Sometimes, we get too individualistic with our work. We think that to be able to get things done, we have to do them all ourselves. This isn’t true. Smart planning involves proper task delegation. By assigning tasks to other people, you will be able to work more efficiently and more productively.

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Engineering Managers Must Do This To Avoid Work Overload

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