How Engineers Should Answer “Where Do You See Yourself 5 Years From Now?”

If you have no idea how to answer, we are here to help.

Interview questions are often difficult. With the pressure to answer them correctly and in the best of your abilities, they are designed to measure your thinking capacity and communication skills. They are an also effective means to get to know the potential employees.

But there are interview questions that might leave you dumbfounded once they are asked by hiring managers. That’s because you have not yet figured out the answer to them yet – there are questions that cannot be answered on the spot, requiring deep thinking – or they never passed your mind that such questions will be asked.

Like, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” This is a common question during job interviews, and yet it is still a perplexing one.

Engineers who are confronted with this question in job interviews should always be prepared to answer this every time, so they have a higher chance of getting the job. That is what job interviews are for after all.

So how should that interview question be answered?

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For a start, you should be as honest as possible. Do you still see yourself in the job you are applying for five years later? If yes, start with that.

Think about where that engineering position will take you in your career and how it aligns with your professional goals.

You can say, “As a civil engineer, I see myself in your company as someone in a stable position with ample construction management experience. This job I am applying for will give me opportunities to grow as I take on more responsibilities as an engineer. I am excited to find myself in 5 years to have handled several projects under your firm and worked with your best managers and engineers.”

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Otherwise, if you do not feel that you will still be in that same job after 5 years, you can answer by saying how uncertain the future is with regards to your career, but you are hoping that by having the job it will be a huge stepping stone in achieving your dreams as an engineer.

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How Engineers Should Answer “Where Do You See Yourself 5 Years From Now?”

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