How To Inspire Demotivated Millennial Engineers

Getting demotivated is a hard situation to be in. And once you’re in, it’s very hard to jump back out. Here are some ways on how you can help young millennial engineers get back on the right track.

In today’s generation, motivation is very hard to come by. More so in this age of technology and information that we’re in. It’s as easy to get demotivated as it is to seek motivation. If you find your younger employees losing their focus or drive, be patient, it might be a good time to step in. Always remember that a happy employee means good productivity, and vice versa. Helping your employees will not only help your company, it will also allow your employees to trust you more. Here are a few ways where you can help younger engineers get motivated and eager to thrive.

Set an example

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How would an employee of yours work harder if they see you slacking off? Set an example by taking the lead. Simply getting to work earlier or showing more excitement when hitting goals can help spread a positive attitude in the workplace. Show them that you’re happy with good results, it’ll motivate them to keep up the good work.

Learn to interact

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You’re not just a name on a priority email. Let them know that you’re a human being too. Getting in touch with your employees face-to-face to talk about results is a good way to form a bond with them. If they see that you’re there to get your hands dirty, they’ll learn to trust you more. End the days where you send “Good work!” emails. Getting praised in person is a better way for employees to get motivated.

Offer career growth

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Nobody wants a job where they go nowhere for doing great work. We’re not telling you to just give promotions, you can also give out trainings if you prefer. Give them skills that they’d need to be able to climb the corporate ladder. Knowing that there’s better opportunities out there for their hard work, employees will be happier giving you their best.

Don’t be stingy with incentives

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No, you don’t need to buy a car, or a TV, or even an expensive cruise. You don’t have to spend too much! But we’re also not telling you to not spend at all. A simple extra paid day off, movie tickets, or even a quality meal can boost your employee motivation to higher grounds. Give them a goal to work on. If they hit it, then give them praise. If they exceed it, give them a little incentive. Show them that you value all their effort.



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How To Inspire Demotivated Millennial Engineers

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