A Job Advice to All the Fresh Engineering Graduates and Newly Licensed Engineers

Welcome to the real world of engineering.

Congratulations on finishing your engineering degree! It must have felt forever before marching on that stage with that great pride that you are now an engineer. You have survived those sleepless nights with your midnight candles, those heavy books you have to carry at school, your beloved and not-so-beloved professors, your most difficult exams yet, the dreadful math you have to deal with and everything in between.

Some still have their licensure examinations; but nonetheless, what’s important is that you have managed to surpass one huge step in your life in your journey as engineer. Getting the license is only a formality, an added benefit.

You are now about to enter the world of engineering professionals which is a world bigger than it looks like. You have to work on a lot of things that cannot be learned in engineering school especially with personal development in professional work.

Here are some tips that you need to know to jumpstart your professional work while being a fresh engineering graduate.

Make a resume.

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You will need to make the standard requirement that is your ticket to land in the profession: a resume. Your resume should have all the necessary information including all part-time jobs and internships. Those who have zero experience are very less likely to be accepted, so having relevant internship experience are essential requisites. If you don’t have any, you will have to sell yourself during the interview.

Expand your networks.

Most employers hire engineers who have good record via word of mouth. You can do this by expanding your networks, or developing relationships with people who are already in your field. Opportunities arise when they know that you have done good before or you have performed well in your academics. Get as much contacts as possible. Explore into the engineering companies via your relatives or through professional organizations. More people to be acquainted with, the higher the chance that you will be hired with the job you want.

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Build a reputation as a good employee.

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You want to be noticed by employers as one who has clean and good track record. You can do that by giving good performance in part-time jobs or temporary work that relates to your field. Your future manager will have to do background checks, so that will render you in a positive light if you get a good impression. Your teachers might be asked too if how you were as a student.

Don’t look for the ultimate career job.

Chances are, you won’t get into that ultimate career job as your first job. If you plan to be a project manager, you have to be a junior engineer first. There is no shortcut to that. Start your way from the lowest position until you get to the top. Following the career path will get you into that ultimate career job. Do not be in a hurry. Be patient. You have to plan your career strategically.

Those are only few of the tips that you need to know. The first steps are usually scary, but when you get it right, you might have no problem at all. Good luck with your engineering career!

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A Job Advice to All the Fresh Engineering Graduates and Newly Licensed Engineers

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