When Is the Right Time for Engineers to Quit Their Jobs?

Look for these signs.

Engineers are bound to switch jobs from time to time. Every two years? Four years? Eight?

They do this for the four primary benefits of job hopping: they could earn more, expand their network, learn new skills, and be more excited about what they do. Most dwell on the last benefit because one job doing the same things over and over can indeed be tiring.

Now it is no question about these benefits of changing jobs eventually, but when should you leave your present job?

First things first: pay attention to the signs. Because the right timing is indicated by the following factors:

Your boss is unhappy with your performance

Say your boss will give you an evaluation today with your performance as an engineer. How would you think he or she rate you? If you think poorly, then already think about leaving.

Does he or she still see that you have the potential? If no, then there is no point working for that boss.

And if you are working well, being productive, and getting results, and yet your boss is unhappy with your performance, find a boss who will appreciate your efforts as an engineer. It’s not worth it to stay anymore.

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You are suffering from mental health problems

If you feel stressed or depressed with your present job, take a break by finding a new one which offers a reasonable salary but without the toll in your mental health.

It pays to prioritize yourself more than just earning a big salary. Never sacrifice your mental health.

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Your job function is becoming outdated

Engineering fields are evolving by the day and make sure that what you do is still relevant in the next ten to twenty years.

Is your job being outsourced or automated? Already think about getting new roles as an engineer because you do not want to wait for the day to come that you will be replaced and left unemployed. It is also better to learn new skills so that your new engineering job will welcome you with open arms.

Some would say that the grass is greener on the other side, thinking about better opportunities outside of their present company. This could be an enough reason to quit, regardless if your boss and company appreciate you, even if you have an up-to-date job, or you are not at all stressed. These mentioned signs above are only signs which concern your job now.

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When Is the Right Time for Engineers to Quit Their Jobs?

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