Healthcare HVAC System: Hospitals, Laboratories and Clinics

Studies show that indoor air pollution can be higher than outdoor air pollution and has greater risk of contracting various diseases

Healthcare HVAC System: Hospitals, Laboratories and Clinics

Hospital is an indoor healthcare institution usually establish in closed form providing patient treatment with specialized medical.

Hospital buildings are designed to minimize the effort of medical personnel and the possibility of contamination while maximizing the efficiency of the whole system. The buildings are built to accommodate heavy departments such as radiology and operating rooms while space for special wiring, plumbing, and waste disposal must be allowed for in the design. Maintaining proper indoor air quality is, therefore, very important for health and productivity.

HVAC System Crucial Role in Indoors

The Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition and Refrigeration (HVACR) system have become the required industry standard for construction of new buildings. This air conditioning system plays a crucial role in maintaining proper ambiance and quality of indoor air especially disease-prone and sensitive places like hospital. HVAC-R systems in hospitals having proper design and maintenance are essential in healthcare. It was created to provide comfort, this is the reason why these systems are always improving and innovating. Every hour of the day, the HVAC/R system needs to contribute to the overall goal of suppressing hospital-acquired infections.

According to research, the ratio of one in 25 patients will suffer at least one infection acquired in the healthcare environment. Due to this, hospitals are encouraged to fit in the most specialized and innovative HVAC system to reduce the prevalence of particulate matter in the care environment. This supports the ongoing, multi-faceted efforts of medical personnel to prevent infections.

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The efficiency of the system in terms of maintaining good indoor air quality depends to a large extent on HVAC Air Filters and their effective functioning. Filter efficiency is usually the determining factor in deciding the choice of HVAC Filters.

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Healthcare HVAC System: Hospitals, Laboratories and Clinics

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