IDEA: How Will Future Generations Judge Us?

Learn more about the organization as its President shares IDEA’s best practices and new innovations as they face different challenges in the industry.

This November, we are featuring International District Energy Association (IDEA) and its President and CEO, Robert P. Thornton. IDEA, on its 109th year of continuous operation, has dedicated itself to promote energy efficiency, reliability and sustainability by providing education and training through their conferences and tools. It is their mission to “foster the success of our members in designing, owning and operating efficient district energy, combined heat and power and microgrid systems in cities, communities and campuses.“

Learn more about the organization as Mr. Thornton shares IDEA’s best practices and new innovations as they face different challenges in the industry. Mr. Thornton also shares his experiences in the clean energy sector in the past 30 years.

This month’s special features include several innovative products from top HVACR companies. Leybold recently shared its latest SCROLLVAC Plus Vacuum Pumps, known for its flexibility and low-maintenance features. Learn how VTS’ Building Information Modeling (BIM) becomes a new approach to digital models of air-handling units.

We’ve also featured interesting stories for you. A New Delhi-based architecture firm developed a honeycomb-like structure that can cool an entire building without electricity. A kid built a cooler from scrap based on a Doraemon episode. Lastly, engineers created a new cooling material that could revolutionize the AC industry.

When it comes to our finances, we know we have to be wise about managing the money we earn. From investing to saving money for emergency, we need to learn different tips and develop the right habits so that we wouldn’t have to end up penniless. Every engineer needs to learn proper money management. Find out which habit you must develop to properly manage your finances. Get to know the right terms used in finance and learn how to think like a billionaire. If you happen to be in a relationship, check out our financial tips for engineer couples too. Lastly, find out how engineers can make the most out of their emergency funds.

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So go ahead, find time to relax and start flipping through these pages. Read entertaining engineering stories, get updated with the latest news and learn from the industries’ best with GineersNow: HVACR Leaders!

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IDEA: How Will Future Generations Judge Us?

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