Like Oil and Water: The Oil Industry and Millennials

Why the oil industry isn’t a slick career path for millennials

Oil industry

The oil and gas industry are global giants who use fossil fuels from deep beneath the earth to create energy. While this is the societal norm right now, the processes of creating energy this way is costing us the quality of planet Earth. Currently, this industry is facing its own problem in that members of the younger generation no longer see themselves working for this industry.

The older executives of various industries and millennials are vastly different—while the former believes that the money earned is the primary concern for all job hunters, millennials want to affiliate themselves in a work environment that does not compromise the planet and the environment in any way. Millennials also want to leave a world-changing mark upon humanity and uphold the tenants of sustainability. That is why, despite the big salaries that come with working in oil and gas, millennials are turning away from these corporations.

In fact, the oil and gas industry is so unappealing to millennials that they have not stopped in simply ignoring the industry. In addition to dropping the industry as a viable career path, many millennials are also going to great lengths to discredit the industry because, as stated above, it is ruinous to the environment.

What must be done by the oil and gas industry if they want to reel in more job hunters and millennials, a major overhaul of their industry and brand, as well as internal audit of their own products and services but be done. Should the oil and gas industry step up their strategies and communicate a message that will resonate well with our target market, there will still be a chance for job-hunting millennials to seek out a career in this industry.

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Like Oil and Water: The Oil Industry and Millennials

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