IWA: The Top 10 Trends in The Water & Wastewater Industry

Know the latest trends in the industry as IWA's President shares her opinion on its current state and its latest technologies.

For this month’s Power and Water Leaders, we are featuring the International Water Association (IWA). In this exclusive interview with Diane D’Arras, the President of the organization, find out how she got involved in water and sanitation management and learn more about IWA’s initiatives and future plans on helping several areas that have problems in terms of water resources. Get to know the latest trends in the water and wastewater industry as she shares her opinion on its current state and the latest technologies that are crucial to saving our remaining water resources. 

Featured also this month is a special article on Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). It is one of the leading government utilities in the world, providing services today to more than 800,000 customers with a satisfaction and happiness rate that reached 95% in 2016. Learn more about how DEWA is promoting a sustainable future for the new generations to come and get to know the man behind DEWA’s management, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, HIs Excellency Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer. 

For our readers looking for project success, find out the recipe to achieving it by incorporating grooved components into Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems – a special article by Tazweed and Victaulic.

We have also prepared interesting and incredible stories for you. KSB, a leading manufacturer of pumps and valves in different sectors (including energy), shares what the pump of the future will look like. Learn more about the Dutch wastewater treatment plant that turns used toilet paper into a building material. We have also featured a special story on a robot that can detect pipe leaks before they get worse!

Don’t miss out on important tips to help you get healthier at work. First, we want you to stay away from coffee, so we have gathered helpful tips to help you stay awake without depending on caffeine. Aside from avoiding any form of caffeine addiction, find out which vitamins do you need to take to stay active and strong despite having a hectic schedule. For engineers who are dealing with anxiety, read how you can deal with your anxious thoughts and stay mentally fit for the job. Find out the best ways to keep yourself from burning out and if you’re working full-time on the computer, read the tips we’ve prepared for you to avoid getting any headaches!

Now is the perfect time to scroll through our latest issue and read articles written especially for you! Find time to unwind and get the latest updates on these industries. Learn something new about the two industries from GineersNow: Power and Water Leaders.

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IWA: The Top 10 Trends in The Water & Wastewater Industry

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