Bananas Can Provide Electricity in Ecuador

If the country can focus on this, it’ll certainly help the economy from being dependent from fossil fuels.

Sometimes, poor countries cannot afford expensive equipment to produce clean energy and electricity. One solution to this problem is to find innovative ways that can generate electricity in different regions. In Ecuador, people are converting the waste collected from banana production to electricity! This is the country’s attempt to stray from fossil fuel dependence.

According to a team of researchers from Technical University of Madrid in Spain, around 55 percent of the electricity that Ecuador needs can be met with the energy production from these waste products. These banana waste products include leaves, fruits and stems. A biomass power plant can process these products into clean energy.

Source: via YouTube

If Ecuador focuses on building a banana-biomass power plant, this would entirely improve the economy. These plants can process 190,102 tons of bananas discarded. They can also process 198,602 tons of inedible biomass each year. As soon as these waste products are processed, about 18 megawatts of electrical power can be produced and used for its citizens. This will certainly help Ecuador diversify its choices for energy resources. This can also be helpful for countries that produce bananas in Asia and America

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Bananas Can Provide Electricity in Ecuador

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