10 Math Equations that Engineers Should Know

To many, equations are mathematical stuff that no one wants to talk about. But for engineers, these equations are their daily bread and butter.

To many, equations are mathematical stuff that no one wants to talk about. But for engineers, these equations are their daily bread and butter. Engineers may have a difficult time with these—especially in school, but they all know its importance to science, technology and to daily life. That is why Klesha Production created a video representation of the 10 equations that changed the world. Here they are.

Pythagoras’ Theorem by Pythagoras, 530 B.C.

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It is the product of Geometry and Algebra, bringing about Trigonometry. The Pythagorean Theorem shows the relationship between the different sides of a right triangle on a flat plane.


Law of Gravity by Newton, 1668

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What is the importance of Newton’s law of gravitation? It shows the force of gravitational attraction between two bodies in terms of their masses and the distance in between them. This can help explain the movement of different planets in our solar system.


Euler’s Polyhedra Formula by Euler, 1751

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According to Euler’s formula, by adding the vertices and faces of a Polyhedra (the three-dimensional versions of polygons) together, and subtract their edges, you will always get 2. This is true regardless the number of faces of your polyhedron.


Wave Equation by J.d’Almbert, 1746

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This differential equation shows the behavior of waves and how to understand how they move. This is important especially for oil companies. By using this equation, they are able to find oil.


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Fourier Transform by J.Fourier,1822

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One of the most difficult subjects in engineering. But why is it important? Frequencies that make up this equations are used to analyse patterns of space and time, check for unnecessary noise and extract different features. This is used in image processing and in quantum physics.


Navier-Stokes Equation by C.Navier, G.Stokes, 1845

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This equations helps calculate the behaviour of flowing fluids accurately.


Second Law of Thermodynamics by L.Boltzmann, 1874

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This law states that In any cyclic process the entropy will either increase or remain the same.


Relativity by Albert Einstein, 1905

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This is the Einstein’s most famous equation E = mc2. This shows that the speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter the speed at which an observer travels. The equation changes our vision of space, time, matter and gravity.


Information Theory by C.Shannon, 1927

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This theory defines how much information or data a certain message contains, it measures communication efficiency. This theory is used nowadays in encryption for digital communication such as phones and the internet.


Black-Scholes Equation by F.Black, M.Scholes, 1973

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This is usually applied in the financial field and aids finance experts to be able to find the prices for derivatives. This differential equation allows professionals and traders to calculate the value of different financial products.


Here’s the full clip:

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10 Math Equations that Engineers Should Know

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