How to Get Around in College as an Engineering Freshman

Make the most out of your first year in engineering!

Engineering Freshman Tips (Source: Giphy)

Engineering Freshman Tips.

Congratulations on having to enter in an engineering college! Consider that as an achievement already because you are a step closer in realizing your dream. Not everyone gets the cut to be enrolled in such programs because some colleges are too stringent in the admission process. But don’t celebrate too much just yet because not everyone who enters engineering can get out of it the same and sane. Hey, no pressure.

Engineering Freshman Tips (Source: Harvard University)

You are basically there to accomplish one thing: prepare yourself to become the best engineer in the field. The goal is to finish your college degree with the most knowledge and skills you could get while also improving your emotional and social abilities. Expect that you will be dealing with a lot of numbers, formulas, and theories about the physical world. In there, you will be fed with all the technical stuff you need to absorb to become an efficient and effective engineer later on.

During your first year, you are only going to tackle general engineering subjects. Almost all engineering curricula start with the basic math and sciences subjects, which by the way contain the core principles of your entire engineering study. You need to master these subjects so you will not a have a hard time with your major subjects later on.

But should you really get around the engineering college being the youngest one? Here are tips to help you out:

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Quit procrastinating

Engineering Freshman Tips (Source: Giphy)

Indeed, you will have extra time compared to when you were in high school; but don’t take them for granted by procrastinating. Study when you need to. The subjects are harder than they seem. Never underestimate the power of your professor to make your exams difficult despite how easy the topics are on face value. Manage your time properly and be responsible enough to allocate your time on stuff that matters the most.

Find your college friends

Engineering Freshman Tips (Source: Giphy)

You are most likely to be merged with different people in every class if you’re not in a block section. Take that opportunity to meet new friends that could help and grow with you along the way as you survive engineering school. Perhaps your roommates can become your study companions too. Choose the ones who will influence you towards becoming a better engineering student and not turn you into a partyphile. Socialize as much as you can! Having friends make engineering study bearable.

Do you laundry

Engineering Freshman Tips (Source: Giphy)

It’s time to brush up on your maturity and independent living by doing your own laundry. Every college student has to learn how to be on their own. This is stage one.

Seek out additional opportunities for growth

Engineering Freshman Tips (Source: Giphy)

You can choose electives that will help you with your wholeness as an engineer. It’s important that you know the technical stuff, but it’s also critical that you know how to communicate and how to write technical paper. Take those kinds of subjects if they’re not in your curriculum. You should also look at landing internships whenever there is a chance, because such are avenues of practice as future engineers.

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Have fun while you still can

Engineering Freshman Tips (Source: Giphy)

The freshman year is every engineering student’s least stressful year. Maximize that by joining in organizations and participating in campus activities. You can also volunteer! In every step in the next education ladder, the odds are that you will be filled with more studying responsibilities that disable you to see your school’s horizon.

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How to Get Around in College as an Engineering Freshman

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