Parents of Engineering Students Don’t Understand Their Struggles

Engineering school will never be easy and we all have our own struggles. Please make an effort to understand what we really go through.

Everybody knows how difficult engineering can be for its students. Unfortunately, not everyone can understand the struggles every engineering student has to deal with. Some parents think that hard work is what one needs to survive engineering. Sad to say that studying really hard won’t guarantee you that diploma you’ve always wanted. Sometimes, parents push an engineering student to one’s limit, thinking that if they put all their efforts into studying, they’ll get high marks in their subjects.

For every engineering student out there, we all know it takes more than “studying hard” to survive there. But that’s not something our parents understand. For parents, seeing us feel like giving up can mean we’re too weak for it, which makes it harder for us because we all want them to feel proud. There have been countless times when we still didn’t get the grades we wanted even if we prepared for the exams we studied hard for. It gets even more frustrating when our parents tell us that our efforts were not enough to help us pass the exams we took.

As the pressure gets high in engineering, we also have our parents to remind us that we should “graduate on time”, “get high grades so companies would hire you”, “stop going out with your friends if you really want to pass your subjects” and the worst statement of them all: “If I were in your place, I’d probably get higher grades than the ones you have now.”

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It’s disappointing and sad to hear our parents say such remarks. The pressure of being an engineering student can take a toll on us and it never really helps to have parents who don’t take the time to understand how challenging our subjects, our professors and our peers can be to us.

There are other students out there who end up hiding their problems at school in fear of not being understood by their moms and dads. For worse cases, some give up because the fear of disappointing their families is too overwhelming for them. Most parents will never understand the struggle of going to an engineering school – most especially if one goes to a prestigious university with a very tough program.

No mom and dad, not everyone can easily get high grades in every exam. Not everyone are geniuses in engineering school. Yes, hard work may pay off but that’s not the only thing we should factor in in our studies. There are terror professors, competitive peers and subjects that are really hard to understand. It even gets tougher since we are young adults who are starting to learn how to navigate in the real world. Emotions are unpredictable and so are the people who affect us in our lives too.

So here’s a message to all the parents out there. Engineering school will never be easy and we all have our own struggles. Please make an effort to understand what we go through. What you experienced before when you were still young may be different than what I have to deal with now. You may have had it hard for you back then but it doesn’t mean you can belittle my struggles now.

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Source: Giphy

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Parents of Engineering Students Don’t Understand Their Struggles

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