#LeadersTalk with Mott MacDonald’s Water Sector Leader, Lu’ay Khdeir

Mott MacDonald's Water Sector Leader, Lu'ay Khdeir outlined their sustainable approach in infrastructure development

During the World Future Energy Summit, Mott MacDonald’s Water Sector Leader, Lu’ay Khdeir outlined their sustainable approach in infrastructure development. The cost saving measures that will benefit the government, private sector and consumers.

About the Leader

Lu’ay Khdeir is currently the Middle East unit water sector leader at Mott MacDonald with wide experience in the direction of strategic planning, account leadership, tendering and project management in a variety of industries.

Having worked across MENA, India, and Europe, this has resulted in building a deep culture awareness which has been critical in being successful in business development, country specific marketing and value creation across continents.

Sought after as a solution focused leader, has been repeatedly recruited into positions requiring deep quantitative and qualitative thinking to optimise value for owners, partners, and stakeholders.

About Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald is a US$2bn engineering, management and development consultancy. We’re involved in:  

  • solving some of the world’s most urgent social, environmental and economic challenges 
  • helping governments and businesses plan, deliver and sustain their strategic goals 
  • responding to humanitarian and natural emergencies 
  • improving people’s lives  

Our expertise by sector includes buildings, communications, defence, education, environment, health, industry, mining, oil and gas, power, transport, urban development, water, wastewater and more. Our skills encompass planning, studies and design, project finance, technical advisory services, project and programme management, management consultancy and beyond.   

For every project, we create the blend of talent needed to create the right result – appropriate; cost, carbon and resource-efficient; safe, easy and swift to deliver and operate; reliable and resilient; delivering great outcomes. 

Engineering. Management. Development.  



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Hina Sapra

Content Writer, South Asia.Hina is a former news correspondent at Times of India

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#LeadersTalk with Mott MacDonald’s Water Sector Leader, Lu’ay Khdeir

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