8 Facts About Nikola Tesla You Probably Didn’t Know About

There's more to him that just the "Father of Electricity".

Apart from being credited as the “Father of Electricity” – sorry but it is already settled, Thomas Edison, Michael Faraday, William Gilbert, Benjamin Franklin, and others – Nikola Tesla is a man of science and engineering with many unpopular stories. What most people know about him is that he has notable pioneering works and contributions in the field of electrical engineering such as the alternating current, electric light, electric motors, radio, x-ray, remote control, radar, wireless communications and the Tesla coil. But his personal life is almost too private.

Here are some bits of Nikola Tesla that are most likely brand new information to you, which will make you admire him even more:

  • He had a talent in visualizing inventions even to the smallest details. This is a good trait, except that this ability didn’t translate through sketches or drawings as he preferred to rely on the power of his own imagination work on projects. There might be brilliant concepts that crossed his mind that we never know could be more valuable than electricity.
  • Tesla is believed to have a stringent work schedule, some saying that he only slept two hours at night. His formidable work ethics are exceptional and it displayed in his achievements.
  • Tesla was a germaphobe. He doesn’t want to be consumed by germs and stacks 18 napkins at his place.
  • He had an obsession with the number 3 and even carried out compulsive rituals that has anything to do with 3.
  • Tesla claimed to have triggered an earthquake in his lab at 46 East Houston Street in Manhattan while working on his electro-mechanical oscillator. The vibrations of his generator resonated, he said, in neighboring buildings, shaking the ground and causing some police calls.
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Source: The Bush Connection
Source: The Bush Connection
  • Tesla was an admirable guy with a keen fashion sense. He stood 6 foot 2 and over 140 pounds – a tall, dark, and handsome (yeah) with deep-set eyes. He knew how to dress himself and able to socialize with lots of people, like Mark Twain, whenever he felt like it. He also engaged with lots of women who confessed of being in love with him. Unfortunately, however, Tesla never married.
  • There is no truth in the photo of Tesla in a chair surrounded by lightning bolts. It’s just a result of a double exposure that garnered him the attention about his famous invention.
  • He thought of lighting the earth’s atmosphere – the entire planet – and banish the darkness. Tesla believed that gases in Earth’s upper atmosphere were capable of carrying high-frequency electrical currents, and when transmitted successfully could enable a “terrestrial night light.” Obviously, this never materialized.


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8 Facts About Nikola Tesla You Probably Didn’t Know About

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