How to Know if You Are in Love According to Science

Yup, science has a way to know if you are in love!

How do you know if you’re in love? Do you know it when you have butterflies in your stomach? Can you feel it when you see the person you can’t stop thinking about? Do you find yourself unable to sleep at night?

All these things can be subjective and cannot be clear indications that you’re in love. But the researchers from the University of Granada in Spain have found a way to determine if someone’s in love or not objectively.

Using a thermographic camera, they can determine if someone’s bitten by the love bug by observing the changes in temperature of different parts of his/her body.


If you were in love, a temperature increase of 2 degrees Celsius would be observed in the cheeks, nose, forehead and hands. 60 people, who just entered a new relationship, took part in the study. Their dominant (writing) hands were submerged in freezing water for two minutes while they look at pictures of their partners. After the activity, thermal images of their hands were taken. Those who looked at pictures of their friends were not observed to have an increase in temperature.

This team of researchers also want the technology to be integrated in cellphones. So thermal imaging in cellphones can make our lives easier to detect if the person we love feels the same way about us.

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How to Know if You Are in Love According to Science

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