Students Show How Race-Car Engineers of the Future Are Made

Engineering students build high performing compact race cars and compete with each other for the best race car award of the prestigious competition.

These are some badass race-car engineers… student engineers!

Since 1978, the Society of Automotive Engineers Formula competition is annually held to pit undergraduate and graduate college students around the globe. The teams must design and build race cars considering safety, speed, fuel efficiency and endurance.

Badass race-car engineers (Source: Weebly)

The competitors are expected to build a total of 1,000 race cars to compete and market them to weekend racers. Business cases are also studied in considering engineering and construction of the models. The teams are to submit a bill of materials, a design and a presentation to juries of automotive industry experts who judge in the competition. The static events account to 325 of the 1,000 total points in the whole competition where in the rest are the dynamic events- acceleration in 75 meter course, cornering ability, handling in Autocross and Endurance tests.

Badass race-car engineers (Source: Hot Rod)

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Students Show How Race-Car Engineers of the Future Are Made

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