Why Engineering Students Hate Running Out of Battery Power

Students Hate: When you run out of batteries for your calculator, your laptop or your smartphone, you just hate it.

Battery Power

It’s what students hate the most… what every student fears when one attends a class, takes a quiz or answers an exam: running out of batteries. As most of us know, the calculator, the laptop and our smartphones are the most important things we need to survive engineering school. Forget the notebook, the pen or the need to take a bath, we can’t survive a day in engineering school without a calculator on one hand, a smartphone on the other and a laptop ready to be taken out of our bags.

The smartphone is a given necessity. It’s the easiest way for us to contact our friends when we need to breakdown and cry from all the pressures bombarding us in school. Trust me, pressing the emergency call button will help us vent out all our frustrations: annoying professors, a grade that even our ancestors would be ashamed of and competitive classmates we all can’t punch in the eye.

What students hate the most (Source: Giphy)

How about the laptop? Oh, we all need it for emergencies such as forgetting to write an important essay on what we learned in a specific subject that will save us from eternal damnation aka a failing grade. It’s the best friend we all need when we hate taking notes using a pen. As soon as you sit at the back of your class, you depend on the slides your classmates provided for you to guide you on where the hell your professor is taking you with the lesson.

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What students hate the most (Source: Giphy)

Now, let’s talk about the calculator. If you had to choose which of your best friends is your favorite, you will always choose the calculator. It’s the most important thing you can ever bring with you in school. Not bringing one is like going to class naked! If you forget to bring it with you, how are you going to pass an exam? How are you going to pretend that you have an idea what you’re doing in an exam if you don’t have a calculator to press the buttons on.

What students hate the most (Source: Giphy)

So, if you look at all these three, there’s one thing we fear losing in each one of them: losing power. We dread running out of power of our phones, of our laptop and our calculators. It’s the worst thing that could happen to any student. So you quickly find your chargers for your phones and laptops and find the nearest outlet, hoping you could still make it on time (with the 1% you’ve been dreading to run out of). You quickly buy new batteries to power your calculator so that you never have to worry about not having your best friend to help you answer your exam.

This is why we hate running out of battery power. It’s like losing our lives. It’s like losing our best friends. It’s like life wants us to lose in a fight we have with engineering school. So to all the engineering students out there, I hope you never run out of power during the most crucial times of your lives. Good luck, future engineer!

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Why Engineering Students Hate Running Out of Battery Power

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