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Engineer Duo Makes A Hilarious “Engineer’s Guide To Cats”

If you’re an engineer who happens to like cats (and honestly, who doesn’t? Nobody’s a cat person until they’ve owned a cat), then you’re in for a treat. klusmanp, a collaborative channel starring engineers Paul and PJ, as well as their 3 cats Zoey, Oscar, and Ginger. Their most popular video being “An Engineer’s Guide to Cats.” And it’s just hilarious!

Source: klusmanp

The video starts off pretty light, and then dives headfirst into the whole cat genre. And yes, it is a requirement for every engineer to master the martial art of the calculator.

“It is widely known that cats are attractive creatures that can provide many hours of entertainment. But it’s not all just fun and games, having cats in your home also entails a certain amount of responsibility.”

That sentence alone gives all cat owners war flashbacks of the litter box. As well as all the torn furniture. And the broken drinking glasses and mugs. *cries in a corner*.

“And depending on the number of cats you have, there might be some social implications.”

Ahaha. Yeah. I’m totally not a crazy cat lady. *casually pets all 10 cats then grabs lint roller on the way out*.

And then from here on it just gets ridiculously funny.

Source: Blogspot, East Side Cats

“Zeo measures 17 inches by 10 inches which gives her an aspect ratio of 1.70 and a large internal volume. Oscar measures 19 inches by 8 inches for an aspect ratio of 2.38 that gives him less wind resistance and superior leaping capability. Ginger’s compact size makes her easy to handle, and also allows her to fit into tight parking spaces.”

“The basic necessities that cats need are food and water. Fortunately, like most engineers, cats are pretty much willing to eat the same thing. Day after day after day.”

Can’t deny that *brings out lifetime supply of canned tuna*.

Source: Blogspot, East Side Cats

All of this is just in the first 2 minutes of the video, and it’s already pretty hilarious. You can watch the rest of it above because it’s too funny to summarize everything that’s said in it without spoiling the entire thing.

Due to the popularity of their first video, they made a sequel, called “An Engineer’s Guide to Cats 2.0.” It’s equally as hilarious as the first one, so you should definitely watch it too.

Source: klusmanp

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Engineer Duo Makes A Hilarious “Engineer’s Guide To Cats”

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