These Celebrities are Quantum Physicists in Disguise

See beyond the beautiful skin of these celebrities who are actually closeted quantum physicists.

Bet You Didn’t Know These Celebrities are Quantum Physicists in Disguise!

Quantum Physicists in Disguise (Image Source: Warner Bros. via Daily Mail)

Anne Hathaway

Interstellar actress Anne Hathaway  could just have relived a dream when she casted as an astronaut who is on a mission to find another habitable planet for earth people. Hathaway expressed her interests in physics and told GQ Magazine that whenever she has a free time, she would be reading a physics textbook or anything about Einstein and space theories. She even read Brian Greene’s The Elegant Universe.


Quantum Physicists in Disguise (Image Source: History)

Tiger Woods

When Woods crashed his car into a tree during an accident, a copy of UK science writer John Gribbin’s Get a Grip on Physics was found photographed on the floor. Since then, the celebrity golfer was outed for being a closeted physics lover. The copy of the book nearly ran out of print as followers and fans started grabbingit.


Quantum Physicists in Disguise (Image Source: Pop Matters)

Mark Everett

Did you know that the musician and Eels frontman Mark Everett is actually the son of a renowned physicist Hugh Everet III, the founder of an interpretation in quantum mechanics about the existence of ‘many worlds’. In layman’s term, the idea is that the quantum nature of reality suggests that a single event could occur multiple times and all at the same time in different ‘worlds’.


Quantum Physicists in Disguise (Image Source: This is 50)

Black Eyed Peas founder and US star was just as interested in science the way he is with music. With the help of Mars Curiosity rover, he had his single ‘Reach for the Stars’ played on Mars (a first in history). The Filipino artist has also expressed interests in returning back to the university to study computer science because he is really pulled by the idea of quantum mechanics.

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Quantum Physicists in Disguise (Image Source: Radio Times)

Charlotte Church

This Welsh pop star expressed her deep interest in science, and was thinking of pushing for a physics degree. After releasing an album with songs entitled ‘Entanglement’, a quantum-mechanical phenomenon that is basically a weird action from a distance and ‘Death and Mathematics’, she was inspired to take this science themed music to the next level.

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These Celebrities are Quantum Physicists in Disguise

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