Night Terrors: Will You Survive In This Horror Game?

This is not a game for the the faint-hearted.

If you’ve been a fan of Pokemon Go, you’ll surely love this new augmented reality game that lets you live your nightmares in your own house. Imagine this: It’s a boring Saturday night. You’re all alone and you decide to play the game, Night Terrors. Now, this game brings you in to a different dimension right through your phone. You find yourself at home in the dark – the lights are off as you start to listen to eerie sounds on your headphones. If you’re a true horror fan, you get scared…but excited. This is not a game for the the faint-hearted.

Welcome to Night Terrors. Play it on your phone in your house – a place you once thought you can be safe from anything. The mission is to save the girl in the game and to survive all throughout the story. Become the hero in this frightening game!

Sounds like a dream come true for true horror fans, right? Getting to star in their own story. That’s what this game is about and the technology behind it is amazing!

Source: Novum Analytics via YouTube

With the lights off, you can only depend on your phone’s LED to guide you as you make your way across the room. It doesn’t uses CGI but according to the developers, “every augmented element is photographed in order to compost elements and match lighting in the players’ environment. With control over the devices LED, the lighting conditions of both element and environment can be manipulated to create a perfect, extraordinarily frightening match.”

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The game’s developers have also used a system that can map your house to give the player a “much more realistic” ghost placement during the game. It currently runs on four major algorithms and through the developers’ dedication and hard work, expect Night Terrors to give you nightmares – nightmares that all seem too real!

Source: Novum Analytics

It’s developed by Novum Analytics and the game is currently crowdfunded in IndieGoGo. With a goal of $70,000 and plans to be available this Halloween season. Excited to play the game? Have fun and survive!

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Night Terrors: Will You Survive In This Horror Game?

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