Road Signs that Are Too Funny to Ignore

Drivers need some giggling on the road and these signs are just perfect.

Best funny road signs ever!

We all use different modes of transportation but we follow the same traffic rules and traffic signs. But what if traffic signs don’t appear as conventional as they are?

Some legitimate traffic signs are meant to be funny to catch the attention of the drivers and passengers. You have to be careful enough though and drive a little slower when you come across these road signs are too funny to ignore.

They didn’t tell us that we’ve already hit by zombies? Where exactly are these signs?


In case Super Mario comes across this street, at least he will know the Princess is not there.


A gentle reminder of how alone you actually are.


When you know you are already late and you read these signs, you just want to shoot it for reminding you.


But what if I really want to drive over water?


Be proud of wearing a thong! Honk!


That good luck sign though.


But which way is that one way?


What’s with these go to the left signs?


Quite a fair warning.


Not entirely pointless. At least you can read road signs now.


You. Had. One. Job!


At least they will know where their next home will be?


Fat shaming is real.


A better illustration of clearance height.


That is if I’m still conscious! Joke’s on you!


Wow, I need to see this kind of porn.

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Men are willing to drive that far.


As a dog owner, I might as well just let my dog run freely from this confusion.


I know a lot of Troys, but consider this noted.


What is the refresh sign doing on this street?


This got me singing in my head.

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Road Signs that Are Too Funny to Ignore

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