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The Great Vape Scare 2020: What You Should Know

The tobacco industry turned to smoke alternatives like vaping after the shame caused by the rising death tolls from the use of its products

The Great Vape Scare


There were no vaporizers before 1989. It is the year when Dr. Lunglife, a mysterious character, submitted articles that were published by the High Times. These articles featured diagrams that demonstrated how a person could make a portable marijuana vaporizer. It is a device with a hose and a dome.

Before then, vaping was considered a weed thing. However, it eventually moved to the tobacco industry. At this time, the volcano vaporizer was never used to consume tobacco. This device has a pyramid shape, and it uses turkey bags for storage.

The tobacco industry turned to smoke alternatives like vaping after the shame caused by the rising death tolls from the use of its products. And, this marked the beginning of problems. The use of the best pod vape according to vaping daily should be safer than smoking a traditional cigarette. However, when a person uses e-juice containing nicotine, they still inhale a harmful product.

Today, teens are sneaking into their classrooms with these devices. Others are using them in bathrooms and at home without the knowledge of their parents. It has led to the increasing addiction of teens to nicotine. The popular e-cigarette called Jull is particularly popular among teens. Many adults have also been hooked on these devices.

The report of an outbreak of a lung injury associated with the vaping, e-cigarettes, or related products by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has caused what is now considered the vape scare. The outbreak is now pointing to the concern that people have around products that contain THC.

According to the CDC, 82% of the reported cases were cannabis-related. Yet more states are legalizing marijuana. And vaping devices are still being manufactured in more states across the U.S.

The CCIA Letter to the Legislature in the California State

The California Cannabis Industry Association, CCIA, sent the state legislature a letter on September 9th. In this letter, the association noted that though investigations are underway, the government should note that no illnesses have been linked to marijuana vaping products bought at licensed marijuana businesses.

The letter also noted that the illnesses are currently attributed to the untested products bought from the black market. The association further stated that regulated cannabis and related products in California undergo rigorous testing for toxins, residuals, pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents. Their testing requirements exceed those of other products that are manufactured and sold in the state.

Therefore, when consumers purchase marijuana or pod vapes from the black market, they expose themselves to potential health problems. Necessarily, California weed consumers should know what makes illicit marijuana different from regulated cannabis. They should also know the possible adverse effects of unregulated cannabis products on their health.

More Reactions from the Industry Players

The NORML, Bloom Farms, and NCIA have all agreed that lack of adequate, nationwide regulation of cannabis is the primary cause of the great vape scare. The unfortunate incidents that have been reported so far call for the need for more standardization, oversight, and regulation of the marijuana market.

NORMAL notes that these are the principles it has called for consistently. These players want consumers to know that cannabis products are different. Also, consumers should see the quality control and testing are essential, and they exist in a marketplace that is appropriately and legally regulated only.

The National Cannabis Industry Association says that federal laws prevent regulatory agencies and scientists from researching and creating safety guidelines for marijuana use. They also discourage states when it comes to cannabis regulation. It makes it difficult for legal marijuana retailers to displace the illicit market at the state level. The policies are bolstering the untested cannabis market, which is potentially dangerous. Congress is, therefore, responsible for the regulation and end of the prohibition without delay.

Bloom Farms, one of the best pod vapes manufacturers, says they are monitoring the vaping-related illnesses reports strictly. The company says it tests its products to make sure that they meet the strict safety and health standards set by the state.

It also encourages consumers to buy marijuana and related products from licensed retailers only. It also urges consumers to throw away illicit cartridges immediately.

Marijuana Oil Vapes Regulation

Most people want to use the best refillable pod vape and e-liquid as a way to consume marijuana. But, it’s been reported that vitamin E acetate is used to thicken marijuana oil or CBD oil. Glycols are considered harmful dilutions. However, nothing much is known about vitamin E-acetate so far, and it has slipped through the legal states’ tests.

Alpha tocopheryl acetate is used in supplements, multi-vitamins, foods like juices and cereals, as well as skincare products. Research has shown that taking vitamin E supplements in high diseases can lead to prostate cancer. Other potential risks include headache, fatigue, dizziness, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, and blurred vision.

These are some of the symptoms reported in the reported vape-oil poisoning cases. Other reported symptoms include difficulty breathing, weight loss, chest pain, coughing, fever, and short breath.

Unfortunately, the CDC took months to weigh in on the use of vitamin E in vaping products. But, the agency reported vitamin E acetate as the main culprit on November 8. THC was also identified as a possible cause though vitamin E acetate was considered the main culprit.

Vaping Products’ Regulation

Most people know the refillable pod vape used can influence the overall vaping experience. The quality of the device can also affect the health of a person. Unfortunately, the market has bootleg cartridges that contain harmful chemicals and metals. These can affect the overall health of the user.

However, the e-liquid that a person uses can also affect their health. For instance, some vape products have tested positive for myclobutanil. This fungicide is converted into hydrogen cyanide by combustion. Its effects on the human lungs are very toxic. As such, it should not be inhaled even with the best pod system vape.

The Bottom Line

The great vape scare can be attributed to the fact that the market is mainly under-regulated. The current federal laws on marijuana regulation have also hindered scientists, researchers, and states to come up with guidelines, policies, and data on its safety. Though a person can invest in the best pod system in the market, they risk buying a poor-quality, untested e-juice. That means they are still exposed to the harmful effects of low-quality cannabis products. Thus, consumers should be keen on the cannabis products they buy and use.


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The Great Vape Scare 2020: What You Should Know

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