CHINT on the Exhibition “ELECTRO-2018”

Exhibition ELECTRO is the leading industry exhibition in Russia and CIS region

CHINT took part in the 28th international exhibition of electrical equipment for power and electrical engineering, automation and industrial lighting “ELECTRO – 2018” which was held from 16th to 19th April 2018 at Epicenter, Moscow, Russia.

Exhibition ELECTRO is the leading industry exhibition in Russia and CIS region since 1972. It represents the most advanced achievements of 275 leading electro-technical companies from 27 countries of the world.

At the exhibition, CHINT introduced new product to attract clients and exchange friendly with any other company in the same industry to know the latest news of electronic market and share the successful experience. Through this participation in the exhibition, CHINT not only laid the foundation for customers, but also extended the thinking of new products and new technologies and accelerated the development of CHINT in the Russian market.

As a leading global electrical equipment and integrated supplier, CHINT is committed to providing the world with safe, reliable and stable electrical equipment and clean energy solutions. CHINT, Empower the world.



CHINT – The Leading Electrical Brand for the Whole Asian Industry Chain

Founded in 1984, the CHINT Group provides safe, reliable and stable industrial electrical equipment and solutions for energy efficient management systems. With 30 years of development, it has grown to be Asia’s largest low-voltage electrical product supplier and is the leading brand of the whole industry chain in industrial electric in Asia.

CHINT’s sales revenue exceeded five billion Euros in 2014. With three R&D centers located in Europe, North America and China, there are also branches in over 20 countries and more than 30,000 employees in the world. CHINT provides reliable products, system solutions and services to more than 100 countries worldwide.

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The CHINT Group sub-brands include: CHINT, NOARK, ASTRONERGY, XINHUA, CHITIC and others. These brands cover: photovoltaic power generation, industrial automation, power transmission and distribution equipment, low-voltage electrical apparatus, instruments and meters, building electrical appliances, automotive electrical and other fields. This forms a leading superiority in the electric industry chain from the generation, transmission, substation and distribution of electrical power to terminal uses. CHINT provides system support for products and solution services to customers worldwide.

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CHINT on the Exhibition “ELECTRO-2018”

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