Not Even a Car Could Crush This Drone Into Pieces

It is basically indestructible.

When you are terrible at handling the flight of drones, especially when you try the device in physically limited areas, the odds are that you will crash the flying robot in no time. This is why you need the sturdiest drone to play with so you do not have to repair the drone, more so buy another, when you got yours broken into pieces.

Perhaps the best choice for a drone in your case is the Nimbus 195 racing drone because of its sturdiness. It was proven that you could even have your car driven over this drone and it will still be in one piece. And without cracks. It is essentially indestructible.

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The Nimbus 195 has a one-piece exoskeleton body, whose shape is based on a sphere, made from lightweight but amazingly strong carbon. This is contrary to the common drones which are built on a multi-layered flat, straight carbon frame.

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There are key parts of this drone which are four millimeters thick to ensure that the drone can survive anything and that the innards are protected. The thinnest is a millimeter, which is still so strong.

Its propellers, on the other hand, are made from malleable plastic which, instead of being shattered, gets bent on impact.

Aerodyne RC, the genius behind this drone, designed Nimbus 195 to be IP 54 rated. This means that it could get wet – in snow or a puddle – and still work normally.

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For someone who is a novice drone pilot, you need to have the full Nimbus 195 package which includes the carbon fiber body, electric motors, electronics, and controller which totals to $750. Minus the controller, it costs $490.

But for the advanced ones who want to use it for racing, the carbon fiber body is available for only $160.

The company set up an Indiegogo campaign with a $30,000 target. It is in 66% as of posting with 89 backers.

Source: New Atlas

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Not Even a Car Could Crush This Drone Into Pieces

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