Tech Trends To Expect This 2018

From AI to Communication, we’re looking at tech trends that could advance us further into the information age.

Tech trends come and go. While 2017 had us at the edge of our seats with autonomous vehicles and better AI, 2018 has a whole other menu in store for us. While news of the previous tech trends of 2017 has come to a close, the doors are just opening for 2018. Here’s a list of the tech trends that we’re anticipating this year and why we think they’re going to happen.

Growth of AI

Source: Microsoft

Although news of AI creating their own language sparked a lot of criticism last July, there hasn’t been any other noteworthy advancements in AI. Yes, there has been the achievements of Google’s Deepmind learning through Starcraft II and has beat numerous experts in chess, and other games. This year, we might see new developments including AI’s integration into newer devices such as home-bots and smart devices.

5G Networks

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Well, this is a very ambitious prediction. 4G has been with us since 2009, and advancements on the subject are long overdue. Companies are already studying the technology, so let’s hope that it gets released on new devices coming this year.

Changes in the labor market

Source: Product Hunt

With the suspected advances in AI comes a suspected decline in job vacancies. If an AI could drive a car, what stops people from developing one that could replace our jobs? Well, we’re not saying that the world will be taken over by AI. The advancements in this tech could very well change the processing of information that a certain company makes. Some of the steps in a line of work could be handed over to AI.

Possibility of seamless communication

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Source: Warped Factor

Imagine talking to your devices as if they were humans; no, Siri doesn’t count. Voice recognition software is at the peak of its game with Microsoft unveiling their new software with a very small error rate of 5.1%. There has been many problems when it comes to voice recognition with people having different pitch, accents, and even speaking habits. If Microsoft is able to advance this further, we could be looking at renaming our Google Home to J.A.R.V.I.S.


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Tech Trends To Expect This 2018

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