The World’s First Affordable Professional VR Camera For Sound and Video

It has nine 4k video cameras and 64 microphones so that when you rotate the view, the sound adjusts in the most realistic way.

If you’re a professional videographer, you’ll know just how hard it is to create 360 videos with normal cameras. All of the strange angles and continuous movements you have to capture all around you at the same time is hard enough. What’s even harder is stitching them all together on your video editor. Yikes. If only there was this 1 camera that can record all the angles you could possibly need for a 360 video, and also capture all of the sound that’s going on at the same time.

Oh but there is, the SONICAM.

Source: YouTube, SONICAM

The company, also named after their product, recently launched its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. Their page reads: “SONICAM is the world’s first affordable, high quality VR camera for sound and video. Equipped with 9 cameras and a whopping 64 microphones, SONICAM can capture 3D 4K imagery mapped to 3D ambisonic sound!

Source: Kickstarter, SONICAM

That’s right. This is basically every 360-videographer’s dream come true. Like it said, it has a whopping 9 cameras positions at different places within its spherical body, each with a resolution of 4k. This makes it so much easier to record 360 videos, because it stores it in a file that doesn’t need to be stitched anymore! It’s pretty much ready for upload after recording. While there are other cameras out there available that can do exactly these, SONICAM by far is the cheapest option. Retailing for $4,000, it’s already cheaper than those 360 cameras that can cost $10,000 or more. Also, as a Kickstarter bonus, you can get it at a discount for up to half the price! That’s $2,000 off!

Source: Kickstarter, SONICAM

But that’s not the main feature that distinguishes SONICAM from other 360 cameras. The main feature about this is its mind-boggling 64 microphones, all recording at the same time. This makes sure that every single sound happening in the room is recorded evenly. And that’s not all. It’s programmed in such a way that the end result video will give you realistic results via sound tracking technology. Basically, whenever you turn your head around in VR mode, or whenever you turn your device around, the sound will adjust accordingly, in a manner similar to what you’ll actually hear when you do turn your head away in real life.  

Source: Kickstarter, SONICAM

Finally, it’s pretty simple to use. It only has 3 self-explanatory buttons, and the rest is in the mobile app that you can connect to SONICAM via WiFi. Also, the app provides you with real time video of the recording itself, so you always know what’s going on.

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The World’s First Affordable Professional VR Camera For Sound and Video

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