What Engineers Should Do When They Don’t Get the Job They Want

Tips on how to accept that hurtful destiny.

Most people have target companies or jobs to work with and they do whatever it takes just to land that job. But some just have no luck.

There are four basic reasons why you are not hired despite working hard for it: you are not qualified, you may not be good enough, or you have great competition out there.

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You are deemed to be not qualified when there are some qualifications or requirements you failed to meet. In this case, you really need to comply them if you really have the desire for the job.

You may not be good enough, maybe with your skills or abilities. It can also be about your resume or your interview.  You must have done something wrong  during the admission process that dissatisfied the employer. You can work on that.

You have great competition out there. Everything seems to be perfect but someone else is preferred to do the job.

Either of the three, you still end up not getting job. And that hurts. What exactly should you do?

Ask for feedback. Especially when you didn’t know where you got wrong, write an e-mail asking the result of the application, or which areas you need to improve on. There is a chance that they won’t give feedback, but it would be beneficial for you if they do. As much as possible, do not do this via phone call. It is a hassle to the company you are applying for.

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Ask yourself what happened. Best thing to do with this failure is get something out of it by learning your lesson. Reflect. Which areas do you need to work on? Personality? Interview? Resume? Analyze the critical mistakes.

Let it go. Move on. Like everyone else that isn’t a good fit, you have to focus on what’s next for you. Find another company that can appreciate you instead. Do not dwell on that company and keep being disappointed every time you apply.

Step up your game. This is the best exhibition to signify that you have gotten over the job you want but didn’t get. Show to the company that lost you, although not explicitly to them, what they missed out on. Later on when you are successful enough in your field, they will found out that you applied to their company but they didn’t let you in. It will be your sweet revenge.

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What Engineers Should Do When They Don’t Get the Job They Want

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