Engineers Should Master These Skills Before Being Promoted

With greater power comes greater responsibility.

Moving up in the career ladder is always exciting. It means we get more money, we have a better title, and we’re advancing to the career of our dreams. But being promoted also means handling more things, being placed in all new situations, and facing more difficult challenges. When that time comes, are you prepared? Or were you too caught up in the idea of a promotion to think about improving your skills? Well, now that we made you realize that, what exactly are these skills you need to master? Well, here are 5 of them:

Project management

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With a higher position means a greater involvement in projects. You might even be the head of it all! So you have to learn how to properly handle a project, or else it’s not going to progress forward.

“First and foremost, having clarity as to what you are being asked to achieve and over what time frame,” says Career Counsellor Roy Cohen. “Without context and expectations, you will have no clue as to deliverables, the time to come up to speed, and the resources you will need to deploy to achieve success productively and efficiently.”

Transitioning relationships

Moving up also means your relationship with others changing. Your coworkers are now the people working under you. Your boss is now your coworker, etc.

“Business is personal and relationships do matter… when you transition to management, especially if you are promoted to lead the team you were a member of, the business relationships you have will change,” explains Morag Barrett, CEO of SkyeTeam. Sit down with everyone in your team, familiar or not, and discuss about the new rules of engagement.

Delegating duties

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Delegation means giving specific tasks to the members of the team you see most fit to do the job, and providing appropriate guidance to succeed.

“…When partnering with others, be sure to clarify roles and trust that others will complete their tasks as well as you will complete yours,” says Arron Grow, Leadership program coordinator of City University of Seattle.

“If there are questions, ask them, but don’t constantly ‘check in’ or ‘watch over’ a colleague as they take care of their part of the work.”

Communication skills

Even when starting out, this is something you should already be good at. In a company, you’re constantly working with others. And when you’re working with others, proper communication is key. Remember that communication is a two way process, so while learning to share your ideas and insights with your colleagues is important, it is also important to learn the art of active listening.

Motivating a team

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Finally, how are you going to get your team moving if they don’t want to move? You need to be able to boost all your teammate’s energy and drive. There are lots of ways to motivate your team. You can start by encouraging them to bring out their thoughts and insights during your morning meetings. You can also start a contest wherein your team would think and work on an improvement with any of their/ the company’s work processes. They would create a short presentation, and the one with the best improvement depending on a criteria would win a prize. These are just examples.



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Engineers Should Master These Skills Before Being Promoted

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