Sunsmart is Simply the Best Renewable Energy Solution

This is an inspiration story of the founders of Sunsmart

“The Best Renewable Energy Solution” – GineersNow’s Editorial Team

I personally knew William and Jenny Lin for more than 20 years and they are truly an innovator in the sphere of technology. We spent special holidays with them, with our family and theirs… that’s how close our friendship.

I never imagined that I will be writing this note to my dear friends.

Front Cover Story

The power couple landed is the front cover of GineersNow’s Renewable Leaders magazine not because of our friendship, but their steadfast advocacy in changing the electric power landscape in Asia. Their sheer determination and resiliency echoed a winning combination of efficiency, technology and sustainability. They are the “true champions” of decentralized and sustainable electricity in Asia.


A bit of the history about their company: William first introduced Infopage Telecom, the first and largest paging system in the Philippines during the mid 90s. It was a brilliant communication tool not only for doctors, but for the entire nation. I was in college when I had one and it was like the “iPhone of the 90s”. The following year, William introduced Nextel telecommunications, a pioneering technology where consumers can call, use a two-way radio, send text and mobile data services (a 4-in1 device). William and Jen got married during the millennial bug era and continued to pioneer several technologies.

Renewable Technologies

Fast forward 20 years, the power couple founded SUNSMART, an integrated solar power technology, designed to disrupt the renewable energy industry. In 2016, William and Jen set-up an in-house Research & Development team to develop high-technology and innovative solar related system that will link the panels with an IP technology. Since then, they have introduced several innovative products that were never seen anywhere in the world. They have multiple breakthrough products that have significantly reduced the price of electricity consumption which will benefit the consumers worldwide.

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The Problem and Solution

I have high hopes that SUNSMART will be able to help solve the pending crisis of electric power shortage not only in the Philippines, but in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Of the 7.5 billion population, 20% have little to no access to electrification around the world. We are talking of 1.5 billion who are in dire need of electricity.

As William and Jen continue to grow their company, win clients and constantly innovate their renewable products, SUNSMART is positioned to be the world’s leading catalyst in clean energy technology.

For those couples who are in starting-up a business in energy, social enterprise, electric cooperative or non-profit organization, here’s an inspirational story that you should read.

Enjoy the story of William and Jen.

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Sunsmart is Simply the Best Renewable Energy Solution

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