How Technology Improves Student Performance?

Technologies have given rise to such a concept as blended learning

In the era of development of the modern world, the ability to learn becomes the most popular task of the modern man, which can be solved through innovative technologies. The positive impact of such technologies on student performance is achieved both through the introduction of various information technologies in the learning process, and through the independent use of various gadgets, computer technologies, and so on. Does the use of technology really improve student performance? Experts from Pro-Papers have clarified it.

The main task of any higher educational institution at the present stage is to train specialists who are capable of reacting in a non-standard, flexible and timely manner to the changes taking place in the world. In the modern conditions of the development of society, the system of education in higher education institutions is being transformed, the latest technologies are being introduced into the learning process, new methods, and innovative approaches to teaching students are being applied. Such changes in the educational process have enormous advantages: free access to literature with full texts, the ability of a student to independently distribute their time, to actively participate in research and projects, grants, etc. Improvement of student performance through the introduction of technology in the educational process is also one of the main advantages.

The process of introducing new information technologies into education is unthinkable without the means of computer telecommunications. The use of these tools in the educational process is a mean of increasing the motivation of learning and developing students’ thinking and allows for a much lower workload and in a shorter period of time to obtain a higher level of assimilation of information.

When viewing online resources, students have the opportunity to get acquainted with various ways of presenting and visualizing thoughts, with ideas and ways of thinking of people of different ages, different social affiliations. In this regard, the use of Internet technologies in educational and extracurricular activities of the university is of great interest.

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Information and communication technologies (ICT) offer completely new opportunities for students and teachers. In addition to improving academic performance and interest in learning, improving literacy and the general erudition of students, various types of thinking are activated through telecommunication, the development of creative and intellectual potential takes place. Observations show that work in computer networks actualizes the need for students to be members of a social society.

The widespread introduction of information technology as an instrument of human knowledge means the emergence of new forms of mental, mnemonic, creative activity, which can be considered as a significant development of psychological and pedagogical processes.

Thanks to technology, teachers can keep statistics on student and student performance, analyze data, and understand which teaching methods are better suited. On the other hand, the students themselves can maintain a detailed database, and in the process of learning, not only summary data are available to them, but also current information. This makes it possible to build an individual learning strategy, to understand which methods are more effective. But most importantly, thanks to such technologies, the focus is not on final assessments, but on intermediate results, because they are important for creating an effective learning strategy.

Electronic databases of libraries, the ability to create colorful multimedia presentations, all kinds of online editors, round-the-clock online access to any source of information – all this is not a complete list of the benefits that new technologists give students in education. All this significantly improves thinking, knowledge, outlook, sense of duty and, as a result, academic performance.

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Today, in the network everyone can find a lot of necessary information for free. Students can easily download manuals, lectures, video tutorials, articles. This facilitates the search for information and promotes self-education.

The emergence of online courses and webinars reflected in the standard process of learning. Technologies have given rise to such a concept as blended learning, that is, a mix of full-time and distance education. Firstly, it provides an opportunity to effectively plan time and effort, secondly, it does not limit the acquisition of knowledge only by face-to-face communication and develops the ability to educate itself.

Moreover, not so long ago, experts-psychologists have refuted the hypothesis that the use of phones or tablets interferes with student performance. According to scientists, technology in the hands of students, on the contrary, can become assistants in the educational process.

The authors of the study came to this conclusion, according to a survey among students. The experiment involved more than 3 thousand students. It turned out that about 70% of students use gadgets in the classroom for educational purposes. Smartphones are used by the same number of students for social networking, listening to music, etc. The guys also use the device to find educational information.

In conclusion, we can safely say: the computer and the Internet have opened endless possibilities for learning. Now it is easy to find and read your favorite work, to get acquainted with the life of great people, to watch an interesting video on any subject. You can even learn foreign languages ​​by communicating with your peers. Computer technology is always able to come to the aid of those who really want to learn and develop, thus improving your performance.

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How Technology Improves Student Performance?

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