Studying Engineering Has Become a Chore

Getting tired of engineering? Remember why you even started.

Studying engineering is a chore?

You entered the world of engineering, armed with the thirst for engineering knowledge, with the thought that studying maths and physics for real-life applications will be fun. But somehow along the way, a point came where all of your subjects seem so dull and college already felt like a chore.  But you still do them anyway with the perseverance rooted to get that diploma that you want.

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What used to be fun and pleasant activities has turned into a dragging and repetitive lifestyle. You do your assignment for the sole reason of passing the subject; you make projects just to comply with the requirements; you pass the exams just because you need to. You became a slave of your engineering professors and you despairingly follow their commands. There is no interest in becoming a real engineer anymore – what’s important for you now is just to become an engineering graduate. I hate to break it up to you but there is a difference.

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You enrolled for an engineering degree for you not to be a slave. You enrolled to learn to become an engineer. Thinking that studying engineering is such a chore is only a state of mind, and you only to need reignite the fire inside of you to bring yourself back on track. Remember that excitement during your first day of engineering school? Go search for that fire inside you again and remember why you started in engineering. Fan that dying flame until it becomes your burning passion again. That way, it will keep you driven as you study because you are reminded by your purpose why you are in engineering.

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To think that engineering is such a chore is a mindset of those who want an easy way out. They want an engineering course with the flick of finger, but that’s not how it works. To really become an engineer and not merely an engineering graduate, you have to endure and strive for your engineering subjects until your final year with the determination to learn all the necessary knowledge in your field. There is no shortcut for that. It is not enough to survive every single subject, as that will reflect with your work later on; your laziness in engineering college may bring upon some harm in humanity.

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If you are no longer happy with engineering, stop doing this ‘chore’ and do another one. Soon you will find that no career path is worthwhile for you anymore because you perceive learning as a chore.

On the other hand, if your passion is really in engineering, do yourself a favor and make a shift in perspective. Change this ‘chore’ now to become your worthwhile habit. Do not waste your time dragging yourself into the graduation day and start acting like a real engineer.

Studying Engineering Chore (Source: Giphy)

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Studying Engineering Has Become a Chore

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