A Job Or A Career? You Choose

Unhappy with your job? You might want to consider giving your passions a chance.

I’m Cielo, and I currently work as a Junior Editor at GineersNow. Professionally, I am branded as an Electronics Engineer, but personally I brand myself as an artist, writer and musician. 

Let me share with you my journey as a professional. 

Directly after graduation, I was employed at and international mechatronics company as a Product Design Engineer. Everything was great! I could say I almost had it all in this job. I had good compensation, I had a good boss, great reputation, exciting trainings, and good benefits. But after some years, I was starting to lose interest in my JOB. Like something wasn’t right. There was something MISSING.

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Don’t get me wrong here, I really appreciated everything the company was doing for me, but as I said, I felt something missing. I was so engrossed with connecting at work that I had forgotten to connect with MYSELF and what I love to do.

I know what you’re thinking. “There’s what you call time management. Duh?” Well, if you can balance your work-time and you-time, then awesome for you. But for a lot of average people like me, most of our time is consumed with 8-12hour jobs, the rest of the day is either chores, bath, eat and sleep. Bit by bit, we slowly die a bit inside.

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One morning, once I woke up, I printed the resignation letter I had made several months ago but never printed, shoved it in my bag, completed my 8hour shift +4hr Overtime and submitted it to my manager. It wasn’t an easy decision, I swear. I didn’t have any other plans after, no NEXT company to go to. I know it’s a rash decision but hear me out.

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Bills came in, BIG bills—and I honestly didn’t know how to pay them. LIFE SLAPPED ME IN THE FACE. Then I tried to remember what I was taught as a child. “Do what you love, success will always follow”… I was like, WTF?! Those things don’t work! But then again, it hit me… I had nothing to lose. I tried to search on the internet on ways I could make a living online. I was good at digital arts and writing, and so I joined a freelance site, and worked as a freelance graphic artist. At first I didn’t make much, but as time went by, people were recognizing me for my work. Having connections at the University I used to attend, I worked as a thesis consultant to some graduating engineering students as well. At first I worked a lot of hours… almost the same as my previous work, but there was something different—I wasn’t that stressed. I found my CAREER.

A time came, where I saw GineersNow was looking for Junior Editor Engineers. “Hey, I love writing” and “hey, I’m an engineer” crossed my mind while reading the ad.I immediately passed a resume, and here I am writing for you guys right now. It really has been a blessing to be able to work as an engineer and share my knowledge and learn new things at the same time.

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If you really LOVE your JOB, then well and awesome for you, you got yourself a CAREER!  But for other people it’s different. If you’re one of those others, DON’T GIVE UP! Some people built their businesses from NOTHING!—even while they were doing their 8-hour jobs. You don’t have to quit your job like I did. Some people had to compromise on a “job” just to make ends meet WHILE working their way up with their passions. There are countless people who built their dreams from nothing. Others even tried out start-ups that people didn’t think would be a success, but turned out to be one! Nothing is easy! So work on it! The possibilities are endless.

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I still do graphic arts, but I don’t do consultations anymore, and I am having a blast at GineersNow.


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Cielo Santos

Engineer. Writer. Artist. Gamer. Musician. She dreams of building a time machine and help kittens take over the world. Is secretly the pink power ranger in real life.

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A Job Or A Career? You Choose

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