Meet This 4-Year Old Math Prodigy from Cebu, Philippines

He could teach you how to solve for the total resistance on a parallel circuit.

Math prodigy Miko Secillano is probably the smartest kid you’ll ever meet at his age. Well, if you know any other smart 4-year-old that can calculate the square root of numbers 1 to 30 in 3 minutes, you can tell us otherwise. The young Cebuano is a child prodigy when it comes to his very intelligent brain. If you think that’s not impressive, he also memorized all the 118 numbers and symbols of the Periodic Table of Elements. A typical four-year-old would just be playing in the mud, or eating glue at that age.

One of Miko’s most popular videos, calculating the area of a cone and a cube. Math Prodigy. Source: Philip John Secillano via YouTube

Miko had his intelligence measured this November and it wasn’t that surprising that he got a score which equated to him being “gifted”. That said, his dad Philip is sending over his results to MENSA, hoping to get that membership. For those of you that are unfamiliar with MENSA, it’s an international organization of whizzes and geniuses that have IQ scores above the 98th percentile. That means members of this group are smarter than 98% of the people in the world.

Math Prodigy Miko

The wonder child was first popularized by his video of solving the volume of a cube in the cutest way. He was saying everything he was writing down, as if teaching a class. This viral video was so famous that it reached 29 thousand views in a small span of 3 weeks. Numerous people messaged Miko’s parents commenting that the child is pure genius. A math professor in Brazil even quoted that the child is “a fantastic promise” and that he’s nothing short of a prodigy.

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Engineers, this is how you solve for total resistance on a parallel circuit. Math Prodigy. Source: Philip John Secillano via YouTube

Miko’s parents are both Filipinos, but have been residing in the US for almost 8 years now. His dad, Philip, is originally from Albay, Bicol, while his mother, Imee, is originally from Cebu. They’re now residing in Florida but are still very close to their Filipino ties, frequently visiting the Philippines every two years. Philip always records his son’s math endeavors on camera and posts them on Facebook for everyone to see. Miko’s whiteboard and math skills, which his father personally taught him, are often the subject of all his videos. While Miko’s videos are fairly new, his gift is not. His parents have reported that his learning was very advanced and was apparent since he was 2 years of age.

Philip said that Miko was already able to count from 1 to 100 at the age of 2, but still could not answer basic addition at that time. Since then, Miko taught himself how to read, which was easy since the child was a huge fan of picture books. At age 3, Miko was into geography. Continents, countries, and cities were all basic for the young prodigy. Miko even had a video posted of his mom naming a country and him replying with the capital city. This is pretty surprising as the kid was able to name a total of 164 cities.

Math prodigy and genius level geography. Source: Philip John Secillano via YouTube

If that wasn’t enough to impress you, did we mention that Miko only learned how to add at the age of 4? Yes, this child genius has just started math and he’s already doing geometry and algebra. The secret behind this is that his dad gives him a 5-minute tutoring lesson every morning to learn a new math concept. Any information retained after that is purely based on his ability to absorb information. Aside from that, like any other 4 year old, Miko loves to play and spends a lot of time with his friends. He practices karate on the side and also goes swimming with his play buddies. If asked whether his friends or teachers know about his math skills, Miko would just reply “No. We only learn the alphabet. We don’t have Math in Pre-School!”

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Meet This 4-Year Old Math Prodigy from Cebu, Philippines

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