Setting the Record for Longest UTV Ramp Jump

Hailing from Albuquerque, Bennie Martinez clears over 100 feet and claims longest UTV ramp jump record.

The Guinness Book of World Records is filled with some of the most remarkable records made by men and even animals over the years. That is why it does not come as a surprise to find people who want to be recorded for the sake of posterity. Bennie Martinez was one of them.

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Ever since he was a child, Bennie Martinez from Albuquerque believed that he had the ability to enter the Guinness Book of World Records. However, it was not until he was 40 that he realized that he had not done much in the way of getting a record. Therefore, he began to think of a record he could achieve. He zeroed in on to his utility task vehicle and decided to set a record with it.

Of course, it was not as simple as taking out the UTV and setting a record. There were many things to consider first. For example, the UTV would have to be properly modified. The equipment was also a major consideration. More importantly, he had to first come to a decision as to the stunt he would be performing to get the record. He wanted to perform a stunt that would be enjoyable but would not be ridiculous.

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In his professional life, Martinez happens to be the president of MCT Industries, a manufacturing business. Therefore, he is quite at home among machineries. Additionally, he was always found of dirt bikes and used to often ride them as a child. The UTV was a natural choice for Martinez as a result. He thought of doing something along the lines of dirt and ramping. He narrowed down his choice to the UTV Ramp Jump.

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The previous record was held by Tanner Godfrey at a length of 105 feet. Bennie Martinez managed to cross 106ft 8.64in or 32.53m and set the record for longest UTV ramp jump

Source: Giphy

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Setting the Record for Longest UTV Ramp Jump

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