World’s Best Cement Brands

As the demand for this product will never cease, the world's best cement brands continue to innovate and provide solutions towards a sustainable future.

Cement is what binds every building, every establishment, and every home. Twelve million years have passed since the said product is believed to have been used and today, the world’s best cement brands are continuously creating history in the architecture and engineering designs they have given life to.

As the demand for this product will never cease, these companies will continue to innovate and provide solutions towards a sustainable future. Let us know the world’s best cement brands by taking a look at their profiles.

1. Lafarge Holcim

This company has a respectable global presence and is one of the top three choices in 80% of its market as one of the world’s best cement brands. LafargeHolcim has been considered as a reliable partner in construction projects in different parts of the world. The projects the company has worked on include the Gotthard Base Tunnel which is the world’s longest railway tunnel and the Millau Viaduct in France, the world’s highest bridge.

Their products vary from aggregates such as asphalt and mortar to ready-mix concrete solutions that are tailor-fitted for every client’s need. Aside from their expertise in the business, they also venture in sustainable investments and innovate their products to adhere to global challenges especially climate change. The company established the LafargeHolcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction to make progressive actions and submit to environmental standards.  

2. CNBM (China National Building Material)

CNBM, a Chinese shareholding company based in Beijing, has taken the spot in the world’s best cement brands as they have established a reputation in manufacturing high-performance cement. They are considered the largest manufacturer of cement in the Southeast Economic Zone. Aside from that, they also develop gypsum board, fiberglass and rotor blades in which they are also leading in the industry. One of their recent projects is the first robotic parking lot in Israel.

The company’s competence in producing building materials and composite materials for engineering services has made them survived several crises that occurred in the country several years ago. Year after year, they see to it that the quality of each of their products increases to maintain its international competitiveness and continue to develop a healthy Chinese building materials industry.

3. Anhui Conch Cement

A homeland competitor of CNBM, this company based in based in Anhui province is considered the largest cement manufacturer in mainland China. It was founded in 1997 and through the years, its production became very promising. As one of the world’s best cement brands, this company has thought of ways to achieve low energy consumption while maintaining high production of cement and productivity of laborers, that’s why they have adopted the dry cement technology.

Because of their efforts to gear towards a sustainable future, they have been named as one of the key players in the global green cement market in 2018. Every year, they have an estimated total production of 180 million tonnes which are produced by a total of 34 plants.


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World’s Best Cement Brands

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