To The Working Engineer On Christmas Eve

It may not be as extravagant as you expected it to be but you can have a chance of having a merry little Christmas. You still can!

Working Engineer

It’s supposed to be the most cheerful day on Christmas day. Families prepare for Christmas eve and you’re excited to take a break from work and hear your relatives ask you, “How’s our engineer doing?” While you’re not really doing great at work, you want to see your parents beam with pride as they see their engineer (that’s you, *wink wink*) walk around the house and remind everyone in the family that you are smart and about to be successful.

Suddenly, you get a notice from your boss that the plant needs you to report at Christmas eve. Along with a few other colleagues at work, your plans for Christmas eve is ruined. Forget about the delicious meal your mom will be preparing for you at midnight, forget about the fireworks your dad will be blowing up by then, your plans for Christmas are ruined. Instead of cheerful conversations with the family, you’re going to be spending Christmas inside a cold office with five or six officemates. Some of them may not even get along with you.

Being an overworked engineer, you’re upset that you can’t take a break this Christmas. It would even break your family’s heart once they find out their engineer is too busy to go home for them. Christmas will be a different experience this year. Christmas eve will be spent working to meet the deadlines your boss pressures you to finish. It’s going to be more lonely of course. It’s going to be a cold Christmas eve for you as you sing sad Christmas songs at work…

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Or maybe not.

You could still enjoy the holidays at work. It may not be as extravagant as you expected it to be but you can have a chance of having a merry little Christmas. It may not be in a foreign land where you can have your pictures taken to show off on your social media accounts. It’s not going to be the celebration you’ve always wanted but you can still find a way to make it memorable.

Would you consider bringing in food for you and the people you work with? Wait for the clock to strike at 12 and celebrate with them. Eat with friends! Eat pizza, ice cream or a specialty you were craving for months.

Call your parents. Call your siblings. Call your partner. Let them know that you’re missing them on Christmas. Let them know that you are excited to see them once you get to have a break from work. It will make you feel less lonely even if you’re miles apart from the people you love the most.

You could focus on work too. If you’re the type of engineer who still finds joy in what you’re doing, how about you achieve beating the deadline for work? Hey, work can be fun, right? Yes, it could. It doesn’t have to suck. While you may be underpaid and overworked, you may still enjoy work. Yes, you could. Yes, you will.

See, you can still be happy even if you have work on Christmas eve. It all just depends on how you manage your life. Good luck, engineer. May you have a fun Christmas eve at work.

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Merry Christmas!

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To The Working Engineer On Christmas Eve

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