The Construction Robotics Revolution

Robots in the building process and demolition

Construction Robotics and Civil Engineering Tech

Automation and robotics have slowly taken over different fields of work, may it be for farming and agriculture, industrial tasks in factories, and even for recreation and sports. The construction industry, however, seems to had lagged behind the others in terms of adopting these technologies. Given the fact that construction sites are not appropriate for robots and that tasks in this field are much more complex than they seem, manual laborers are always the best choices. But with the staggering decrease in hiring qualified skilled workers to do construction works, robots then take over.

Different tech startups are starting to develop models fit for various kinds of construction works. One such startup is San Francisco-based Built Robotics founded by a former Google engineer, Noah Ready-Campbell. It aims to automate construction vehicles like bulldozers to make it a lot faster, cheaper, and safer.

Another noticeable robot in the industry is a Semi-Automated Mason (SAM) by Construction Robotics which can do the work of a bricklayer several times faster. Using its mechanical arms to lay around 3,000 bricks within a single shift, SAM is still operated by manual bricklayers who had undergone weeks of training.

Drones are also very helpful in the construction field. Most of them are used for surveying sites. Not only are they faster, but they can also generate much more reliable data as it can convert said data into usable 3D maps.

Not only are robots used in the building process, but they are also preferred over manual laborers when it comes to demolition. They are safer to use and, although slower than workers, can still get the job done.

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Speaking of 3D, the construction industry is also starting to deploy 3D printing robots that can fabricate 3D-printed building with just a pre-programmed set of instructions. This has gradually changed the game of the industry.

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The Construction Robotics Revolution

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