10 Things You Can Find in an Engineering Student’s Bag

Engineering students have these gems in their bags.

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So what’s inside an engineering student’s bag?

Like every college student, engineering students carry bags where we can put things we need for our study. May it be a backpack or a fashionable shoulder bag, what’s important is its contents. One cannot simply put their things in their pant pockets because engineers need things that are so bulky.

These things are all gems like these ten that you can find in an engineering student’s bag.

A Scientific Calculator

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An engineer cannot be an engineer without a calculator in his bag. Perhaps already considered the engineer’s bestfriend, the scientific calculator performs the tasks the human mind and hands cannot compute. Engineering students have high regard for calculators who do the computing work for us.

Pen or Pencil

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Engineers, they say, may not be good writers, but an engineer needs a pen or pencil to jot down all the necessary information in classes. Even a kindergarten student has one, so this is actually already a given.

Notebook, Newsprint or Paper

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Engineering students cannot simply write on the palm of our hands to solve engineering problems. We need quite a quantity of newsprint or paper to write on, if not a bound notebook.

A Laptop

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Some engineering schools allow laptops to be used in class for better note-taking. The faster the teacher talks, the faster you key in the things he or she says.

Ruler and Protractor

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Our mathematics subjects require some graphing and a ruler and protractor in our bag always come in handy to the job. You can’t simply draw a neat diagram full of straight lines with your bare hands. You can’t also simply approximate a drawn angle without a protractor.

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Engineering Student’s Bag (Source: One Project Closer)

Especially suited for our drawing classes, a t-square is an important tool in drawing and sketching plans. Some who find it difficult to hand-carry the t-square can opt to just stick it through their bags without it falling off.

Drawing Plates

Engineering Student’s Bag (Source: Tumblr)

Another engineering student’s important requisite in passing that drawing classes is to have lots of drawing plates. We compile lots of them in a folder and packed in our bags whenever there is a necessity.

Laboratory Manual

Engineering Student’s Bag (Source: Pearson)

Our laboratory outputs are graded through our laboratory manuals. There are questions every after experiment that need to be answered, and it can be found in these manuals.

Textbook and Codes

Engineering Student’s Bag (Source: Reader of Fictions)

These are perhaps the heaviest an engineering student can have in their bags other than a laptop – their thick textbooks and codes. If you go to a class without these, you will have a hard time connecting with your teacher when he or she requires you to read it during the period.

Lots of Rubbish

Engineering Student’s Bag (Source: Saturday Night Live)

Having a cluttered mind can mean a cluttered bag. With lots of things going on while in an engineering college, engineering students sometimes just do not mind about the rubbish they produce anymore and let it stay in their bags.

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10 Things You Can Find in an Engineering Student’s Bag

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