The World is a Cruel Place for Young Engineers

“The world is a cruel place.” Especially for young engineers!

That’s what my father kept reminding me when he was still alive. I was still a child back then, naive and idealistic. I told myself that I am a good person and people will like me for my sweet personality. I never got into fights. I was opinionated but I also knew when to keep my mouth shut. I always believed that if I wanted to pass a major subject in engineering, people around me would see it and help me find a way to do so.

Engineering school made me realize how right my father was. Despite my good nature, many people were mean to me. All the subjects were hard and having professors, who discouraged their students to pursue their chosen courses, made it harder. Everyday, we had a different homework that takes hours to answer and two three-hour exams every other day. We end up with professors constantly reminding us that we will never make it. They’ll constantly judge us for getting the lowest mark in class – leaving us feeling defeated on our academic battles.

The world can be hard on young engineers (Source: Giphy)

Aside from how hard the subjects were, we also had to deal with the affairs of the heart. A love gone wrong. Friendships lost over time. Death of loved ones. Moments we ponder on – “Is this really the path I want to take?” All these things can be heavy for us to bear but not valid excuses to miss a class – especially on major subjects we have a hard time dealing with. Yet we often find ourselves having a terrible time getting out of bed.

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Yes, engineering schools will break us. Mix some family and relationship dramas to our daily struggles in our studies, we’d have to admit that the world can be hard for us, young engineers.

The world can be hard on young engineers (Source: Giphy)

But here’s what I want to remind you. Despite all the screw ups. the problems and the existential crisis we face, we have to believe that there’s always something good that will come out of them. We must never lose faith in our dreams to be engineers. We should walk the great halls of our universities with the thought that if others made it, we can too.

The world can be a hard place for young engineers. Yes, it’s hard for everyone. So, I urge you to learn from your mistakes, accept that life can be unfair and always choose to move forward. It will not be easy. When the world throws us bricks, it should be easier if we retreat back to our beds and surrender. When we get failing grades, it would be easier if we drown our frustrations with alcohol and drugs. But we all know doing so would leave us with more problems.

The world can be hard on young engineers (Source: Giphy)

So I urge you to be strong. For every bump you hit on the road, brush the dusts off and move forward. Don’t lose faith in yourself. Always choose to see the beauty of your dreams and keep reminding yourself that you will be able to achieve all of them if you believe in yourself. Cliche, I know but it’s true. It’s always true.

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To all the young engineers out there, if you’re feeling lost, empty and disappointed with yourselves, let me remind you again. The world can be hard on us. My father was right when he told me that the world is a cruel place. Despite it all, there’s always hope for all of us. Don’t worry! We’ll be okay. We’ll be more than okay.

The world can be hard on young engineers (Source: Giphy)

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A sensitive flirt, an awkward tease and a metallurgical engineer, surprisingly.

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The World is a Cruel Place for Young Engineers

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