Is Starbucks Coffee Biofuel a Reality?

From coffee beans in your cups to Biofuel stations for your cars.

Starbucks Coffee Biofuel anyone?

For most people, coffee is simply that poison keeping them awake until who knows when in the morning. For some it’s an addiction that quenches their need for caffeine. But not many realize that there’s more to coffee than to be absorbed by the body. It can be absorbed by cars too, in the form of biodiesel out of coffee grounds.

It can even be used to provide heat inside buildings as biomass pellets. These wouldn’t be realized without a London-based company called Bio-bean.

We shouldn’t be so surprised then if one day, Starbucks already has their own fuel station.

Starbucks Coffee Biofuel


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Is Starbucks Coffee Biofuel a Reality?

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