#LeadersTalk with Heliatek, Spiros Christaras

A revolutionary light and thin film solar panel from Heliatek

During the World Future Energy Summit, Spiros Christaras, Business Development Head of Heliatek in the Middle East talks to GineersNow TV about their expectations for 2018 in the renewable energy industry, product innovations and their revolutionary thin film solar panels.

About the Leader

Spiros Christaras works in the business development team of Heliatek, specialized in the roll-to-roll production of Organic Solar Films. He is currently based in Dresden, Germany. Before joining Heliatek, Mr Christaras held several positions in other energy efficiency and energy preservation companies in Greece and Bulgaria. He has a postgraduate diploma in business administration from the University of Leicester

About the Company

Heliatek aims to become a worldwide leading company for a sustainable and carbon free future. The company holds the organic photovoltaic world record in cell efficiency with 13.2%. Combining the know-how in chemical synthesis and applied physics as well as transferring it to volume production, Heliatek is the first company to start the market launch of large OPV solar film.


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#LeadersTalk with Heliatek, Spiros Christaras

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