#LeadersTalk with the Managing Director of Ecocoast, Lachlan Jackson

Lachlan Jackson, Managing Director of Ecocoast discussed their innovative solutions within the marine industry.


During the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, Lachlan Jackson, Managing Director of Ecocoast discussed their innovative solutions within the marine industry. Find out how the company is leading In the design and installation of alternative sustainable structures within the marine industry.

About the Leader

Lachlan Jackson is the founder and Managing Director of Ecocoast, a marine contracting company that provides a unique portfolio of solutions that protect and support coastal development. Lachlan is also the founder of Ecobarrier Manufacturing, a company that designs and manufactures a range of globally distributed marine barriers under the brand Ecobarrier.

Lachlan began his career in finance, having studied International Finance (2003) in Australia. Since that time, Lachlan has founded a number of businesses. He co-founded an Australian fashion label in 2003 with a manufacturing facility in Vietnam. In 2007, Lachlan moved to Dubai to start up a branch office of an Australian coastal engineering consultancy. In 2009, having identified a gap in the market for specialist marine and coastal protection contractors, Lachlan founded Ecocoast. Since that time, Lachlan has been a pioneering force behind the introduction of alternative marine and coastal protection solutions in the GCC. The first geosynthetic container installation was carried out on Sir Bani Yas Island by Ecocoast, and most recently, the company introduced for the first time in the region a technology for marine pile protection, which lengthens the lifespan of marine piles.

In 2012, Lachlan created the Ecobarrier brand of marine barriers, to answer the growing demand for high strength marine barriers in the Middle East and Africa. Ecobarrier was responsible for introducing the strongest silt curtain to the global market in 2014. Today, Ecobarrier manufactures the largest range of marine barriers in the GCC.

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Lachlan’s core purpose is to pioneer in the marine industry – everything he does is either the first in the market, or an evolution on an existing idea that is engineered to be better, or solves a problem nobody has solved before. His mission is to better the marine industry by continuously setting new standards in marine, coastal protection and demarcation solutions.

Lachlan is an Endeavor Entrepreneur; a global accolade awarded to high-impact entrepreneurs with the greatest potential for economic and social impact in their regions. He is also an active member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and regularly mentors fellow entrepreneurs.

Lachlan is an avid skydiver, snowboarder and tennis player, and he can regularly be found inciting his team from Ecocoast through various obstacle races such as Spartan, Desert Warrior and Tough Mudder.

About the Company

Launched in 2009, Ecocoast provides a unique portfolio of solutions that protect and support coastal development.

Its core business provides specialist marine contracting services to developers, contractors, operators and governments, primarily in the United Arab Emirates. The business also designs, manufactures and distributes globally a range of marine barriers under the brand Ecobarrier. Ecobarrier is the number one manufacturer of marine barriers in the region.

Over the years, Ecocoast has serviced a large client base of multinationals spread over the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Offering a complete turnkey solution, Ecocoast’s services cover the full lifecycle of a marine or coastal project from development and protection, marine infrastructure, to operation and maintenance.

Ecocoast is at the forefront of designing, constructing and installing practical, environmentally friendly, alternative marine structures and materials, in order to reduce the impact on marine or coastal environments. Ecocoast uses its coastal and marine expertise to fully understand each unique environment, and its practical experience to design and construct a holistic solution, best suited to the environment and its clients’ specific needs.

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Ecocoast’s core purpose is to pioneer. Everything the business does is either the first to market or an evolution of an existing idea. Ecocoast continues to lead an innovation culture by continuously setting new standards. Through curiosity, transparency, integrity and pride, the team at Ecocoast goes above and beyond to deliver the solutions that were promised.


For more information, log on to:

Ecocoast – www.ecocoast.com or email us at info@ecocoast.com

Ecobarrier – www.ecobarrier.ae or email us at info@ecobarrier.ae


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#LeadersTalk with the Managing Director of Ecocoast, Lachlan Jackson

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