New Trigonometric Functions Introduced

Mathematicians need to have a social life, damn it.

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It seems like modern mathematicians need to take a break from all the sitting down in their offices proving theories and discovering things up to make the engineer life more difficult than already is. A 40-year-old professor named Brandon Lewis from England just introduced 26 new basic trigonometric functions which students in high school are now required to learn.

Yup, twenty six. This is in addition to the existing six basic functions sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant, cotangent, which are more than enough for us to prove engineering principles. But somehow, this English lad just added legitimate 26 more to the functions that we need to know.

New Trigonometric Functions

Some of the 26 functions include narvan, co-narvan, alpsec, co-alpsec, racto, co-racto, prew, co-prew, revo, co-revo, drypee, and co-drypee. They are thirteen functions and their reciprocal functions.

Lewis took the last 10 years to work on this masterpiece and shared that he wants to publish all of his work when he’s ready. And now he is.

Majority of these new functions, according to Lewis, are integral in solving isosceles and scalene triangles which can be graphed in a plane, while few others are useful in problems involving circles. He will release a polished copy of the principles behind these new trigonometric functions once he has installed Microsoft Word in his computer, he says.

New Trigonometric Functions

Of course this got a lot of initial hate as this will increase the work load of teachers, on top of the professionals who need to deal with it if they do not want to get left behind with this new concept. One angered high school teacher in England, Esther Atkinson, slammed GineersNow, “Why did anyone not stop him from doing this? We were fine with 6 trigonometric functions and we have to learn and teach 26 more? I think I’m quitting this job.”

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Look at what you’ve done, Mr. Lewis. How about you? How do you feel about this as an engineer?

New Trigonometric Functions


Anyone who believes in this article (wow, really?) has fallen into the trap of GineersNow’s April Fool’s joke. Anyone who says that this is pure BS apparently does not have a tickle bone.

Make a fool out of your friends by sharing. Happy April Fool’s Day from GineersNow!

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New Trigonometric Functions Introduced

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